In my entire time there I met one officer that I would consider competent and worthy of a leadership position. There seem to many requests for something along these lines, so I thought I'd do my best to answer whatever questions Reddit has. The relationship between those who give the orders and those who You have to present an official ID to join and only if you don't are you allowed by the Legion commanding officer to use a "declared identity". The Sketch. I know which one you mean, I think the two stories are similar but different. While right after WW2, many ex-german soldiers joined the Legion because they had no where to go, it's not the case today. Castelnaudary is where the foreign légionnaires learn French, work out, train, ruck, learn to use weapons and basically all the rudimentary things infantrymen do while in the infantry.Once at Castelnaudary, getting out of the Legion is very difficult. But on the other hand there's a lot of good as well. What we had instead was gangs made up of different language speakers and very rarely was there any intermingling between them. information pages, THE LEGIONNAIRE'S CODE They are volunteers of any nationality, race or … If i'm not wrong, the original had a rape history, the dude had joined with 16 and he ended up deserting. My opinion on this: The legion is definitely not elite well not all of it. No job, no girlfriend, and no commitments. The training is not always good but sometimes it is. For nearly killing someone under his command he didn’t even receive a reprimand. You can join as a French citizen just like any other unit but you will have a special military status. No they just trained with a section from the FFL. receive them comes from a highly developped "esprit de corps" If anything, you'll see quite a lot of guys from the former eastern block. Personally, I know it ain't some elite fighting force or that I will become some special forces super soldier. Anyways, thanks for doing this AMA, I eagerly await your responses! One tendency I noticed about FFL deserters is that they always exaggerate the situations they found themselves in, both to justify their actions and whore for sympathy. A good 40% of the guys in my training company were unable to shoot a rifle properly, and the famed “Esprit de Corps” was virtually non-existent. If our training was as bad as people say then this wouldn't be the case. Also unique to the Legion is being able to serve under an assumed identity and then retain that identity after serving. Do they still need to assume a Francophone identity such as Belgian, or has that been relaxed? For three more months, you go through basic infantry training. That's the French Foreign Legion and that's exactly how it works… at least according to a Reddit user with the handle FFLGuy, who did an "Ask Me Anything" session on Reddit in 2011. - its special uniform, Buying your own kit is bullshit though. Honestly, I just wanna toughen the fuck up. Some of this sounds exaggerated but most is probably true, there’s a whole lot of BS in the legion. An Albanian legionnaire told him that the only choice he has back in Albania is to sell drugs. I have American friends and they trained every day too unless they had other work like guard duty or fixing things if they were a mechanic. save. Bad source but, that film jarhead. what would your role be? if he has obtained a certificate of satisfactory military service. The French Foreign Legion, Koho’s background: NCO sniper (1 year as a conscript), 1 year as a contract soldier, peace keeping stint in Lebanon (4-12 months?