Your salary also depends upon your rank, qualifications and time of service. First of all, every legionnaire is a volunteer, who willingly joined this military unit, accepting all the responsibilities and risks.Most people who arrive at a way of escaping his past. Note that these centers are the only places, where you can be enlisted in the French Foreign Legion. If the Legion do not give you another chance, you receive a paper document with the title “INAPTE DEFINITIF”. Within 1-7 days, these candidats are sent with a free train ticket to Aubagne, to join an initial preselection and (if they passed), the crucial selection process. The Jungle Warfare Center was established in French Guiana on September 22, 1987 near Régina in French Guiana. They don't care about your race, education, or religion. What must fall to make us forget slavery? Why don't you pop over to one (of the hundreds) of FFL websites? You can be enlisted in mainland France only! We’re professional soldiers. War, combat engagement in Norway, Libya, Tunisia, Italy and Germany, 1945: The beginning of the war in Indochina (Pu Tong Battle of Dien Bien Hoa and Pua). The sun may burn till his senses are all awhirl, he must go on. There are no tricks to get in. 1954: return to Algeria, as security forces constantly present until 1962. Once you're in and past basic training, you can expect that food, clothing, and shelter will be provided, along with a salary on par with American soldiers and 45 days of leave per year. My friend in Para depot went rouge, he said the discipline was nuts, and far stricter than what we had in depot. The FFL has its own culture — not French culture, Legion culture, as Saari puts it. Thank you for your interest! They train at the 4th Foreign Infantry Regiment near Castelnaudary, a country town in Southern France. 3. for eyesight / vision problems, read here: 3 T-shirts, 3 briefs and 3 pairs of socks. For more detailed information about the tattoo policy in the Foreign Legion see: If you are not able to get yourself out to a woodland or mountainous area on a daily basis, you are to spineless and stupid to ever being considered for the Foreign Legion. 49 Para Close Recce troop. New identity if you join the French Foreign Legion? The FFL claim their standards of training, rigour, discipline, and overall toughess is almost identical to the French Army, but is it? The gun can fire a single exercise, a short burst of three rounds, and continuous burst, and shell ejection can be set to the left and to the right. The page is in English and contains all the information you need for. The BBC: are claims of political bias justified? But basic is far from over. 5. The candidates having passed all the tests are officially accepted or rejected every working Thursday afternoon. A.R. 6. One harangued them caustically: “Fools! The French Foreign Legion accepts recruits from all over the world. The French Foreign Legion offers you a chance to start a new life… Good luck! One Quora user, Kjell Saari, who joined the Legion in 1993, said he lost 22 pounds at the Farm, even though he had just been in Afghanistan fighting the Soviets — and he wasn't eating much there. Oh you better like to drink and you better be man enough to get your ass up the next morning and do what's expected of you no matter how hung over or still drunk you are.". First month (phase one): It saw action in the Persian Gulf War of 1990–91 and has since been sent often to Africa, as well as to Southeast Asia , the Balkans, and Afghanistan . Q: Do I need to speak French before joining the French Foreign Legion? Q: How about visiting/seeing my family? The Legion offers you no refunds, no money, no scholarships, no online applications, no letters of invitation, no French embassy’s documents to get to France. The Legion does not get hung up on the things people argue about in the U.S. military. They also call it "The Farm." This is what basic training in the French Foreign Legion is like, This stunning defeat is a point of pride for the French Foreign Legion ... ›, This is the first woman to ever join the French Foreign Legion - We ... ›, The French Foreign Legion in World War II was filled with Nazis - We ... ›, Learn about the French Foreign Legion from an American enlistee - Americas Military Entertainment Brand ›, Before joining the French Foreign Legion — 9 things you should know. “Orders, of course. Q: How about the visa and flight tickets for joining the Legion? To get the visa, see France Diplomatie – Getting a visa. During this phase of training and testing shall be physically strong, and some of them are: 8 km march with a rucksack weighing 12kg, which should be finished in one hour, 12 minutes running (all rushing over 2800m is a good result), climbing the rope without using legs, running with heavy 40kg bag of sand in 20 seconds, etc. If the pangs of hunger are gnawing at his stomach or thirst parches his tongue, that is so much the worse for him, but it is no reason for his not marching on!