Syrena 110, along with an older Syrena model, Learn how and when to remove this template message,, Articles needing additional references from April 2019, All articles needing additional references, Articles with Polish-language sources (pl), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 2 June 2020, at 23:26. A gearbox broke on one of the cars, a clutch plate sheared in half, a leaf spring snapped which was also unsuccessfully welded many times( a spare one of these would also have been handy). After its presentation on the Labour Day, (1 May) the car quickly became a sensation, and was widely described in the automobile press of the day – especially the "Motor" weekly. THEIR OWNERS SO HAPPY TO ESCAPE TO THE WEST, SAW THE TRABANT AS A REMINDER OF THEIR OPPRESSIVE PAST. THE MAJORITY OF WESTERN MANUFACTURERS HAD SWITCHED TO CLEANER BURNING FOUR STROKE ENGINES, SO TWO STROKE ENGINES, LIKE THE TRABANT WERE SEEN AS OUTDATED AND UNFASHIONABLE. 1, p. 14-23, Katarzyna Kociuba: Czysta radość tworzenia - wywiad z profesorem Cezarym Nawrotem, Automobilista, 2000, no. He was also obviously well off or he could never have funded such long trips and pay for all the travel, hotels and journeys that took weeks on end through all of the 12 years it took for them to finally get together. Later they reformed and are now as popular as ever again. He covered the changes in the Ussr, Poland and to a lesser extent Romania. We meet a woman whose baby son needed specialist care in the Western side of Berlin and as a result, after a failed escape attempt spent years apart from her and came back to her a stranger , five years later after he recovered. He also says that he enjoyed solitary holidays abroad, particularly in Eastern Europe throughout their marriage, which suggests to me that the Author craved excitement all his life which continued after his marriage. The prototype engine was fitted with accessories (carburettor, ignition, etc.) Watch Queue Queue. They left them behind! Trabants were made to be simply and easily fixed, not only for mechanics but with their owners in mind, for easy maintenance. Three times, the trekkers managed to crack the sump on the Mercedes. The psychological insights that this author possesses are remarkable. The FSO Syrena Sport was a Polish Concept cars sports car designed and built in the late 1950s by a group of engineers at the Fabryka Samochodów Osobowych FSO, which due to economic and political reasons never went into mass production. He was able to confirm this later when he obtained his stasi file, after the Wall fell. I think possibly the Stasi were even more cruel than the Gestapo that preceded them. The book as the title suggests, covers mostly East Germany and is a most interesting look and insight into perhaps the most interesting of the former Communist states. Wolf had a very successful career and was one of the chief men in the 'Stasi', who answered only and directly to Mielke. The author at times, seemed to jeer the fact that the Trabants were archaic, slow and dated. He'd been captured in 1944 during the Normandy landings and was a prisoner slaving in the coal mines of Silesia for a time. Many times throughout the book, he would say one of the cars broke down, without saying what the problem was, nor say how it was fixed. They covered a distance of 5600 km and the fallibility of the wooden roof proved a decisive. [6], Artur Markowski, Marcin Możejko: Syrena Sport – Czas na rekonstrukcję!, Classicauto, 2011, no. That said, the Mercedes they bought cost $1500 and didn't perform as well as the Trabants, due partly to the fact that the Trabants are much easier to fix, work on, and replace vital components quickly and with relative ease. All about cars made with a two stroke engine. I feel that the Author has attempted to make their journey seem much more of an accomplishment due to the fact it was done in Trabants, instead of admitting the simplicity of the Trabant is the real reason they were able to have any degree of success. production run of over 25 years with only minor changes. MANUFACTURER 'SACHSENRING' INVENTED THIS NEW MATERIAL OUT OF NECESSITY AS STEE2C UNITARY CONSTRUCTION AND WAS THE FIRST CAR EVER MADE FROM RECYCLABLE MATERIALS. We meet the Stasi man who drew the line for the laying of the Berlin Wall, over 100 miles worth, who now acts as a tourist guide. THE DRINKER: BY HANS FALLADA: I think this is probably Fallada's greatest book. People are locked up and sent to concentration camps on the whim or word of another, in a hostile, Police state. The engine was a new design 4 … There are not many characters in the book, but each one is vividly brought to life and plays an important role in the context of the story. At least once the car featured in the daily TV news programme "Dziennik Telewizyjny" (TV Journal). The engine on one of the car's seized and had to be replaced. The Syrena 110 was a Polish automobile prototype from the mid-1960s, manufactured by the Fabryka Samochodów Osobowych (FSO) in Warsaw.