Highest quote for FW to FTTP is well over $150,000. Also to run fibre through firewalls and conduits etc in a unit costs considerably alot more than just 3k, even due to the "short distance". Do you plan on getting NBN100? ‎16-06-2020 Can't tell if you're being sarcastic or just spouting rubbish. So even if you fancy an FTTP connection, you may not be able to get one. You're currently not even on the highest speed plan. How will a fibre optic connection help me? Cookies help us deliver our Services. We currently have FTTC and at my local exchange we can order FTTP but I had a few questions. What kind of answer is this? 3 weeks later, NBNCo knocked on my door, and said they were there to install fibre, as I was living in a new development. 10h30. why are you not on a faster FTTC plan? ‘Fibre’ is the nickname given to. Such providers include: Providers which offer FTTP often run their own fibre networks: Openreach Hits 50% Full Fibre Coverage in Northern Ireland, ‘Loss of Public Trust’ Has Hampered Contact-Tracing App, Octopus Energy Launches EV Partnership with Volkswagen, Calls Grow to Extend Protection for Renters. We currently have FTTC and at my local exchange we can order FTTP but I had a few questions. 11104514) 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, England, N1 7GU, Before we dive into the differences between the two main fibre services we need to have a quick look at what ‘fibre’ is. I think install was costing NBN around $3500 per a house with FTTP. I'm in a similar position. I'd estimate it'll cost you between $2500 and $5000. Will all homes be upgraded to FttP or will individual homes get FttP or FttC? How much would it cost for like 8-12m of fibre optic cable rather than 25m? This also makes FTTC packages much cheaper and more accessible. It works just like a regular ADSL connection, except that fibre optic cables are used instead of copper cables. Enter your postcode to compare Broadband deals. I'm in a FTTC area, but a new development (subdivision). I ordered NBN the day my area went live and a tech came out to find a pit with unterminated CAT6A run through it. How much would it cost to get NBN to run the lead in Fibre cable to my front door and install the NTD? Openreach indicates that FTTP will be coming to my area soon. And can anyone let me know the full process considering I already have FTTC and a overhead copper wire. on With average speeds of 300mb, enjoy our next generation fibre to the premises broadband piped straight into your home now. Can I upgrade from FTTC to FTTPoD Go to solution. Upload speeds hover around 35. It will cost OP MORE due to him being in a unit, his strata may not even approve a single FTTP fibre install. Get that issue looked at first. Upgrade to from FTTC to FTTP Go to solution. on As mentioned, FTTP services are currently quite limited, and the need to lay down new infrastructure to facilitate such services means that the cost of FTTP packages are quite high, so bear that in mind too. These services use fibre optic wires only from the provider to the green telecommunications cabinets you see on most streets. HI, I have Infinity 2 using FTTC - cabinet is about 200mtrs away as the crow flies. There isn't a process yet, but FTTC is meant to be designed (according to the NBN specifications) with enough signal strength in the fibre going to the FTTC dp (the unit in the pit which gives you your connection via copper) to be able to splice into the fibre and then pull it to your house. I have no idea WTF is going on. ‎05-06-2020 Go to Solution. These fibre optic cables are seriously thin (about the width of a human hair) and are encased in highly reflective material. How can they justify this rip off of loyal customers? There is a bit more to it than just running some fibre into your house and no, you can't lay the fibre yourself. Related Items: fibre, fttc, fttn, fttp, highlight, nbn, upgrade. you have posted elsewhere and been given a possible answer, by me. Just wondering how much itll cost to upgrade from FTTC to FTTP and if it will be less due to less distance. I am currently coming to the end of my existing FTTC Broadband contract . And can anyone let me know the full process considering I already have FTTC and a overhead copper wire.