But that’s all for the best, as it gives us her abortive attempt at a counter song, sadly cut off after “Morals, and ethics, and carnal forbearance …”. Plow Rap song John Swartzwelder does not like musicals and is annoyed when anybody starts singing onscreen. Change ), http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEQM7D1FDPg, Weird Daily » Blog Archive » Top 10 Simpsons Songs, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mr8hLJk2Pik&mode=related&search=, http://tranny.net.erolove.in/?profile.aracely. 45. They’ll Never Stop The Simpsons: This meta song from 2002, winking at Fox’s insistence on milking the Simpsons brand for everything its got, recounts some of the stories so far and foretells a few more unseen scenarios: “Marge becomes a robot, maybe Moe gets a cell phone, has Bart ever owned a bear?” We’re still waiting. Before you ask, nothing in A Streetcar named Marge really stands out for me. It’s also a powerful reminder of the talents of Yeardley Smith, the voice of Lisa, who is simply a great singer! A great role model to me, and a dear friend to me and Barack.”, Fisher is embroiled in a public dispute with WarnerMedia about “abusive” treatment on the set of Joss Whedon’s, Sohla El-Waylly Gets Her Own Show Outside the Clutches of the BA Test Kitchen. Quick: Name one other animated TV show song with the phrase “geodesic dome” in it. Joe Rogan Is Already a Headache for Spotify, This Is What Happens When You Lose an Emmy in 2020, Who Is Enola Holmes? It’s not the most joke-laden Simpsons song out there, but “Señor Burns” fits perfectly into the “Who Shot Mr. Burns?” character arc, as we begin to check suspects off the list in part two—turns out that although Mr. Tito Puente (one of the more unexpected guest stars in the history of the show) DID swear revenge on Burns, he intended to do so by way of “slanderous mambo.” It really is quite the angry mambo indeed, when you go and examine the lyrics: “It may not surprise you, but all of us despise you! I already included “Cut Every Corner” as the mandatory Shary Bobbins song, but “Minimum Wage Nanny” is the true best song from this particular episode. ), Number 5 was a late entry that cracks me up because someone sat and wrote a musical within an episode with hilarious lyrics. “The Kwik-e-Mart is real… D’oh!” used to make me ache with laughter. 5. Acosta to McEnany: Shouldn't the President tell the truth? will be sent to address. The song makes you consider that possibility, ever-so-briefly. :) giddyseizures Amadeus Amadeus... woops wrong song. Martin pitched the idea of an episode where barbershop was the most popular song style in the world. I’m happy that you just shared this helpful into with us. A song from season 24? And what better way to celebrate this victory than through song? Alluring shemales Capital City: After Homer becomes famous as a baseball mascot for the Springfield Isotopes, he’s transferred to the bright lights of Capital City. © 2020 NME is a member of the media division of BandLab Technologies. The order of the next 3 was pretty tough, because they all make me laugh a lot. As if one needs any more reasons to reflect on the massive pop culture contribution of The Simpsons, it’s easy to forget just how many immediately memorable, catchy pieces of music the show has contributed to the cultural lexicon over the course of 28 seasons. Is this carried over from her own childhood? He nearly bankrupts the town implementing madcap over-the-top rubbish collection policies and is booted out, but not before delivering this hilarious sing-song about how “the garbage man can!”. See My Vest: Villainous misanthropist he may be, but few could deny Mr Burns’ tidy fashion sense – the slimline tailored suit he’s always in is the stuff of Paul Weller’s dreams! It’s the American way!” Classic. And My all time favorite: the Be Sharps sing “Baby on Board”. 24 Tracks 276197 Views. Srekcus. NEW CANCEROUS SOUNDS ARE HERE CUNT BAG NIGGA PENIS! 34 Tracks 273442 Views. “See My Vest” from season six’s “One Dozen and One Greyhounds.” Lyrics by Mike Scully, music by Alf Clausen. Much of the humor is driven by the absurd tonal dichotomy of the catchy, positive-sounding Beauty and the Beast parody tune and the completely opposing nature of macabre pieces of clothing such as a vest made from “real gorilla chest” or slippers made from “albino African endangered rhino.” There’s seemingly no level that would be too far or too cruel for the evil Mr. Burns, who lets us know exactly that when he sings “Like my loafers?