Hunt down your opponents in an armoured tank or pursue them at speed in a Fast Attack Vehicle. Twisted Metal still has a passionate fan base who would love to see the game return. Any games like Twisted Metal on the Xbone? 50 Games Like generates revenue through a number of affiliate relationships, including (but not limited to) Amazon, and Microsoft. Experience Twisted Metal: Black™ for PS2™ system with 1080p up-rendering and Trophies. The next game in the Skylanders franchises adds air, sea, and land vehicles to the mix. Jaffe is still clearly passionate about the series and in his video believes it's a “solid intellectual property.” Though he hasn't heard anything about a new game in development, he believes it's still possible. Fans can still also pick up Twisted Metal Black on PS4, which was up-rendered into 1080p from the PS2 version. There's definitely still hope it could happen, but whether it will be this generation or the next remains to be seen. Well, there's no news to currently share on a new Twisted Metal, but it's interesting that the game's original designer David Jaffe recently spent 10 minutes talking about the franchise in a video. Please enter your date of birth to continue. Having set up a new studio, The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency, only a few years ago, he's recently had to lay-off staff after a game they were working on was cancelled by its publisher. Trying to find games like Twisted Metal? This version does not support PlayStation®2 peripherals, therefore some functionality may not be available.© 2001 - 2015 Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC. Due to their success they were swiftly followed by Twisted Metal 3 and Twisted Metal 4. And, in the right hands the return of Sweet Tooth and the motley crew could be spectacular. The first two Twisted Metal games appeared way back in 1995-96. The order in this selection is not absolute, but the best games tends to be up in the list. Sony Interactive Entertainment's vehicular combat game (essentially a demolition derby) was quite something. It set the standard for vehicular combat games for years to come and developed a cult following of devoted fans. With flamethrowers, homing missiles and land mines, not to mention many other powerful weapons, whizzing around while ferociously blasting away at other cars, gameplay was totally adrenaline-pumping! PS4 One 3DS. Having set up a new studio, The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency, only a few years ago, he's recently, At the end of February, it was confirmed that. Vigilante 8 is a Single and Multiplayer Vehicular Combat video game created by Luxoflux … With a range of upgrades to unlock as you progress, multiple battle modes and regular community events, there will always be a chance to settle the score. Twisted Metal: Black has been converted from its original PlayStation 2 version to include 1080p up-rendering and Trophies. The latest addition in this selection are Crossout released the 29 May 2017 and ranked #3, Cel Damage HD released the 11 March 2016 and ranked #5, Transformers: Devastation released the 5 October 2015 and ranked #1. © 2006-2020 PlayStation Universe, All Rights Reserved.