if (typeof(prodDef) != 'undefined' && typeof(prodDef.wl_name) != 'undefined' && typeof(webAppHostname) != 'undefined' ) { That action should culminate with your calf muscle “bouncing off" your hamstring muscle, after which you let the kick fly. Day Combat. Isshinryu Karate Design by Shihan Alexander (Copyrighted1961) As the industry leader, Retro Fitness is focused on getting you the results you want. It is also different from those that allow you to hold your elbow low and out of alignment with your fist. “And we snap the punch out and back, rather than lock it out like most other styles. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, Colonel John B. Alexander, "Cousin's" 30 Years Retired Special Forces Ft. Bragg Infantrymans Hall of Honor , Contributor to "TRAIL BLAZER "1", XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. said. News and Information regarding Don Nagle's Isshinryu Karate AOKA Inc. www.aokainc.com Monday, October 16, 2006 Shihan Gary Alexander's International Association of Martial Artists (IAMA) 2005 Hall of Fame USA © 2019 | United Southern Isshinryu Karate. Thousands of spectators were in attendance to witness the form World Champion perform. ...M1/Bayonet Kata Classical "BO" (for Mil. “In the old-fashioned method, centrifugal force is not emphasized and the techniques are much shorter and choppier," Alexander says. consists of: Quoted: Al Weiss, Publisher,  1998, I.A.M.A., H.O.F. from.”When doing the front snap kick and roundhouse kick, mitts are large and reflect years of fighting; the knuckle on his right Other Neptune City gyms & sports facilities (, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gary_Alexander_(martial_art_pioneer), https://blackbeltmag.com/arts/japanese-arts/how-isshin-ryu-karate-leader-gary-alexander-updated-an-old-art-for-a-new-millennium, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjHhDrK25n0, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovp5Qe059Q8, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfUxh3gt1w4&mode=related&search=, https://blackbeltmag.com/…/how-isshin-ryu-karate-leader-gar…. When we train with the sabaki mindset, we receive our opponent's attack, almost as a gift. He was Black Belt Magazine 's Co-Instructor of the Year (1974) and is known as the "First International Bare Knuckle Contact Karate Champion. “IF YOU CAN’T WIN DON’T FIGHT.” ... In addition, there are some fundamentally … Fight every opponent as though he were a highly trained master. Although the ######################################################x, Gary Alexander "Jersey Strong Karate Marine types" ! is still sharp and more than capable of mixing it up.Please bow at A true pioneer. Some are not straight now. ... Make their practice enjoyable, and subjective to their "REAL" needs. Close Quarter Defensive Tactics and related Armed/Unarmed Strategies, Returning home to the U.S.A., Gary Alexander connected with Don Nagle in their hometown of Jersey City, N.J. in 1958. After the period of training-up, many of the Marines went back to their homes around the U.S. and started their own schools, clubs, etc.. As more diversified styles and action arrived in the U.S. particularly the Eastern U.S. and Canada, the remaining Marines of the New York metro area including Gary Alexander, would travel from dojo to dojo wherever there could be kumite/sparring action found, and fought with anyone willing to get on the mats. Follow him on Twitter @BarryCarterSL. Gary Alexander is an American martial artist, karate fighter, author and actor. We also add the snapping action to our blocks and kicks.". usually people don't seem to get to hold onto both the .... physical and mental... lineman helmet," said Bamburak, a sixth-degree black who has been In his first defense of the title in 1964, he was beaten by Mike Stone in a very close match. These days, the New Jersey-based Alexander is busier than ever teaching a modified version of isshin-ryu, which he simply refers to as “isshin-ryu plus." Don Nagle, taken while in the center of the fighting ring in MSG. Since most kicks come ….."Marc"- This Black Belt should have a Movie made about his life" “So you have to build a better mousetrap," Alexander continues. You can contact us at garyalex@bellatlantic.net If you wish to join with Gary Alexander’s organization founded in 1964, any Isshinryu stylists or martial art stylists that seeks to join a “proven”, progressive, recognized leader in worldwide martial arts, you are welcome to join with Gary Alexander under the Isshinryu Division, specialized Martial Arts Division, of the International Association of Martial Artists. (courtesy)He The next 100 laps he runs back and During the years in Chicago, he also taught self-defense tactics to various Law Enforcement Agencies. Paul is the co-owner and one of the Dojo instructors on the Dojo staff. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfUxh3gt1w4&mode=related&search= Sensei Lizotte came up through the Ranks being promoted to black belt by his second instructor Master Nagle and then by Master Armstrong and the AOKA. Enter Gary Alexander, also a Marine returnee from Okinawa, of the same period (1958) was a part of the Fleet Marine Force constantly making tactical landings wherever in the Asia theater, and had no real time to get to the towns to study the Martial Arts seriously.