Gary Gerould: 1990–present (Auto Racing Coverage) Pedro Gomez: 2003–present (SportsCenter Reporter) Doug Gottlieb: 2004–present (College GameNight) Mike Golic: 1995–present (NFL Live and Mike & Mike in the Morning) Scott Goodyear: 2001–present (Indy Racing League coverage) Mike Gottfried: 1990–present (College Football coverage) GARY: For the Kings, I have to include Mitch Richmond, Chris Webber and Peja Stojaković. Why wouldn’t I be interested in something like that? GARY: That is a terrific compliment and I appreciate that because I am not the story by any stretch of the imagination. You have to paint the picture. You do not want dissension; you do not want guys pulling in different directions. He was the general manager of KFBK radio in Sacramento, and he said, “Gary, day after tomorrow, I am flying to Kansas City. I like the acquisition just this last week of Cory Brewer. I just do not know how we are going to react to it. Under the circumstances, I am glad that we will be calling these games from Sacramento and that I do not have to travel. I have a fairly regimented routine that I go through before every game, breaking down game notes, updating all statistical categories for individuals as well as the team and having those at my fingertips so that I can find ways to rather unobtrusively weave them into a broadcast. And, yet, I hope that there will also be people who say that they have enjoyed my style. I look at highlight packages and I am reminded that it was mayhem on the floor with big bodies crashing into each other and throwing each other down. No local broadcasters are going to be there. You do not want dissension; you do not want guys pulling in different directions. He akes it to the rim, flushes it and we go to overtime and the Kings get the win. You find a way to amplify that excitement and clarify that drama and the significance of every possession and somehow present it so that your listener or your viewer can become part of it. In fact, the news director said to me as we walked out of the studio, “Well, you are very good. GARY: I start with things like a 35-point second half comeback on the road in Chicago against the Bulls in what I believe was Tyreke Evans’ rookie season. My father had cancer from the time I was five years old, and he passed away when I was 12. GARY: Well, I think that there is always that possibility. They asked me if I would be interested in being the sports guy on their television newscasts. RAY: In the course of your Kings career, there have been so many intense ups and downs. One of the ongoing challenges for any broadcaster is you have got to have some place to go when you see a game escalate and is taken to another level. Of course, there could be something right around the corner that could happen and I will say, “Well, yes, that was a great idea. And how bizarre is it going to be for a viewer or a listener? The family refrigerator bears a magnet that reads only partial truth. It broke a 10 or 11 game road losing streak in Houston to the Rockets. The Kings were not uprooted and we got a beautiful new arena in downtown Sacramento that is revitalizing the downtown region. The easiest games to call are the ones with high drama. You have got to find a way to bring excitement even though we are all facing this very possible, dreary, nightmarish outcome.”. That is so satisfying when you know you have hit the mark, but it is also so frustrating when you know that you came up short. If Bagley is healthy enough to be a part of the rotation in these eight upcoming games, that would be huge, but it is a giant unknown. We have hardly seen Marvin Bagley this season.