Like 90% of Priest games are nothing and hero power on the first 4 turns. Spectral Sight could also be very strong since card draw effects should work extremely well with Outcast, but there’s more thinking involved when playing it off the top as there is no payback of tempo. The only reason the DH hero power is so good is because DH is almost exclusively a tempo class. A hero power should just be that thing you do with your extra mana if you don't have anything else to play. As it is now, it feels like every Demon Hunter is an Even DH only without the deckbuilding restriction. Our guide to playing the Genn flavour of Hunter in the Witchwood meta. I mean, Demon Hunters play more cards than Priests. Publisher - game play guides and game news. After six years, Blizzard will finally add a new free class to Hearthstone's roster. This would give a bonus of having a solid attack for 2 mana, and the draw back is that if you attack a minion, like the Rogue ability, you take the damage from that minion. Yet Odd Paladin and Odd Rogue have remained consistent through the ladders in Standard and then in Wild. Their baseline power level shouldn’t be too weak. When Blizzard decided to roll our Demon Hunter, I think we can all agree on the fact that they may not have thought things through well enough. Although the first edition of this guide focuses squarely on the Standard format, we do have some insight into what Genn would mean for the current crop of Wild competitive decks at the bottom of the page. The way you look at your mulligans has now changed dramatically. It might be very hard to overwhelm a Demon Hunter in the early game. But I still disagree with the 1 mana hero power. This way it would scale much like the Hunter power. As I see it the whole point of Genn was to promote deck building utilising a 1 mana hero power, not having an especially powerful effect (that was Baku's purpose). I am curious to see what other people feel the potential impact to the Wild game would/could be if this errata were to take place? A 1 mana Hero Power makes it too easy to round out your turns and avoid having any wasted mana. They have to play cards for their hero power to be useful. Doing this would have no impact on the game with other classes, but would make playing an Even Demon Hunter a possibility. Much like Eye Beam, finding a minion to run this into shouldn’t be too hard either. Demon Claw screams consistency. However, its baseline power isn’t bad, being a 5-attack rush minion for 4. The Witchwood, Un'Goro, Kobolds and Frozen Throne expansions will be the only card sets you can use in the format starting April 12th. The Warrior, Priest, Warlock, and Hunter hero powers have been core to many of their decks since the start of the game. What I am curious is how other people feel about what I would like to see. As touched on earlier, the newer set of cards is entirely free and will be featured in a prologue adventure that tells the story of Illidan Stormrage for those who aren’t familiar with his character. Alright, I am willing to take back what I said about hero powers not being central to a deck strategy. Comments on this article are now closed. But while the hero power sets it up, several cards that synergize with it reinforce that belief. Since Hearthstone’s initial release in 2014, there have been many mentions from the design team to never upset the formula of “the only nine.” But finally, Demon Hunter makes a triumphant entrance as the tenth class in Hearthstone. The trade-off is that it has a weak effect. We could leverage our weapons and attack buffers to hit our opponent in the face. At its baseline, it’s a pre-nerf Nourish, which is hardly terrible. altho u cant let it have zero mana hero power, maybe being able to use ur hero power either twice a turn or perhaps make it cost 1 like it is but give it the opportunity to attack once that turn and bank an additional attack for next turn, I dont agree with you there. 1 attack is utterly unimpactful unless their other cards got them ahead. They build tempo by playing cards first. We’ll take those. The Demon Hunter Effect Ultimate Gameplay guides.