This region has produced four National appearances in the past two years from Renert School, Rundle College, and Webber Academy. Super Smash Bros. As you know, the Weekley Rovers Tournament committee have been regularly assessing the developments of the Coronavirus, and how it will impact this years tournament. The last regional tournament, Ottawa, finally concluded this week. Glebe’s other provincial runs were surprisingly good compared to their regular season performances, so perhaps they are attuned to pure SchoolReach format. KV and UTS will be back, so it is quite possible for the national champion to again emerge from here. Locally, Colonel By probably has the best chance of being the top Ottawa team (even with their situation of not playing SchoolReach), though Glebe will use this event as prep for SchoolReach regionals and a potential provincial qualification. I accepted the latter answer and nobody felt the need to protest in this matchup. Like last year (see the 2017 preview post), I will give an assessment of the contenders. They put up mid-tier numbers at UTS (11th, 82%) and the Lisgar set mirror (3rd, 84%), but winning the York region over traditional favourites like CHAT and Bayview should now put them on other teams’ radar. After a final round robin between the top 4 of Lisgar CI, Glebe CI, Nepean HS, and Sir Wilfrid Laurier SS, Glebe won all three matches and won the region. In fact, it only just started on Thursday. A team scramble was a repeat. Impressionism is not an 18th century movement, but that didn’t trip up the players. They did well at the UTS tournament (4th, 179%) and regionals (1st, 184%) but got four losses to Central at the Lisgar mirror (2nd, 104%). Usually, a nation’s independence comes from the local population seeking it. The tournament is still in progress with the two Renert teams still undefeated; results are found here. There could be a surprise playoff appearance by a team not on my radar, but as last year’s preview showed, provincial results are becoming more forecastable. They are in a good spot for a Nationals qualification. All of us at Weekley Rovers would like to thank you for your ongoing support, and we look forward to welcoming you all to what already promises to be bigger and better next year! We have been following the guidance and advice of both Government, and the NFA very closely. It didn’t affect the scores, but I was wrong about the number of capitals the Danube flows. Features news, results, statistics, tournaments, information and player recruitment classifieds. They will have a heavy dose of substitutions during the prelims and early playoffs, but the B team’s equally impressive results during the year will keep the wins coming. At the UTS tournament (13th, 120%), the only teams with better R-values than them are already higher on this list. U of Toronto and Carleton U will run quizbowl tournaments on December 2 that will bring out more “A” teams. Here are the contenders, listed only in alphabetical order within tiers: Central has results from the UTS fall tournament (2nd, 149%) and a mirror of the Lisgar tournament (1st, 115%). Westmount and the “A” team from the other school also put up strong numbers that could have won in a different field. Considering that there are Nationals-bound teams in the field, this doesn’t look good for high points scores in other upcoming regions. Hopefully, the provincial pools will be more stable and give them another high seed. The age groups in the 2019 tournament will be Under 12, 14 and 16 Boys. Ottawa convenors will be updating scores here. Glebe Smash ultimate tournament 2019 46 Players. History Bowl’s Canadian championships will be held at RSGC in late April. Colonel By was the other participating school. I have pretty much settled on my Ontario playoff predictions, but the release will wait until early May. UTS won their downtown Toronto region. I have been guilty of hyping them in previous years, yet now that the main players are in their senior year, I have lower expectations.