Get Alerts. These juniors provide the points for the Bobcats while senior leadership comes from guards Allie Harris and Megan Comeau. Along with losing state champion swimmers in Alex Jones, Joel Bates, Joe Lane, Emma Rotner, and others, the team lost top swimmer Chris Rouleau for the beginning of the season. The 2012 Oyster River Track and Field team will be much different than last year’s due to the loss of two collegiate athletes in Natalie Bilynsky and Ethan Druskat. + 'o' + 'r' + 'g' + ''); Mr. Andy Lathrop 603-868-2375 x6007 document.write ('' + 's' + 'l' + 'i' + 'b' + 'b' + 'y' + '@' + 'o' + 'r' + 'c' + 's' + 'd' + '.' Reflecting on what she was thinking before the shots, Messler comments, “I was just thinking I have done this a thousand times; just keep composed. It serves Durham and the neighboring communities of Lee, Barrington, and Madbury.The high school opened and the first graduating class was in 1956. He adds on that he hopes to have as many kids qualify to the states. “We have been able to work on pitching, endurance, hitting, and fielding every week as a result [of the equipment],”added Belanger. Helpful Links and Forms. × Get key announcements and game updates from the official Oyster River High School athletic calendar! × Don't be late to the game! Mrs. Suzanne Filippone 603-868-2375 . They. As the Bobcats started their season they already had their work cut out for them. [6] In 2014, Newsweek ranked the school 110th in the nation.[7]. The Bobcats came up short but the team is cautiously optimistic. [2] It serves Durham and the neighboring communities of Lee, Barrington, and Madbury. The boys' cross country team also won another state championship in 2011. “We are not a group of highly skilled superstar players but I feel as though we can come together and become a highly skilled team. Oyster River High School (ORHS), part of the Oyster River Cooperative School District (ORCSD), is a public high school located in Durham, New Hampshire, United States, with an enrollment of nearly 800 students. The batting cage, two pitching mounds and access to the gym floor for ground balls has been a huge help,” explained junior Wade Belanger. Mr. Jim Morse 603-868-5100 Principal. Oyster River Cooperative School District Proudly serving the communities of Durham, Lee, Madbury, and welcoming the Barrington HS Tuition Students Phone: 603-868-5100 Oyster River High School Senior Thomas Caulfield. The Oyster River girl’s lacrosse team is coming off a five hundred season with a record of 7-7 and look to improve that record this year.