I want to take it easy tonight with a Hawaiian pizza. But would they taste good with eggplant? Or are you too chicken to make these pizzas? I need one half of four pepperoni pizzas to help with my math homework. For my pizza, I would like to see a red tide lapping at the shores of a grassy coast.”, “I'll dumb down my ideas for the masses... again! First, check that the recipe to be added isn't already listed. I'll have a pesto pizza with chicken and veggies. ", "A pizza with all your meats. ", "Don’t worry, he’s just tied down for the moment. Service was tortoise style, rude waitresses plus when i enquired about the toilets i was told where, but not told i needed a code to enter toilet. ", "I want one half messy and meaty. For this meal with beers & wines & coke we paid £21 - amazing price for food & venue so good, And we shall return! Fish swimming in the sea, and not a soul on the sand. ", "Aw, I totally understand! I want Mushrooms, Olives, and Onions on my pizza!”, “Can I please get an olive and onion pizza, but also with mushrooms.”, “Hey there, I need a half olive and onion and half pepperoni.”, “It's an accident to order no bell peppers and mushrooms. One anchovy pizza and one basil pizza”, “I'm trying to befriend the neighborhood goat. ", "I highly doubt you make pissaladiére, but major props if you do! ", "Oh right, you might not have it on the menu... Can you make a pizza with anchovies, olives, cheese, and pesto sauce? ", "Ooh, another vegan sauce! Maybe a bacon pizza will do the trick?”, “That's one bacon pizza that I can use to teach my dog how to fetch.”, “Bacon is in the eye of the beholder. One with nothing made from animals. ", "Man, that kid in the red shirt got me starving for pizza. Be kind to those down on their luck! Pizza and traditional Bulgarian food. But for now we want three pies. ", "Cheesy peasy! Gotta have it red! I need to sit down for a bit, but I'll order a margherita! I need it without cheese though.”, “Can I get one with onion and one with pep and sausage?”, “I'm not pretending to be a cow. Sausage, yes! ", "My visit in this city has been supremely awesome! Haha! And when I woke up, I had this insatiable urge to... eat flesh. I'll guess I'll just have everything else. Could I have a pizza with a smiley face on it? Let’s speed things up, I’m trying to catch a flight to Vegas tonight! ", "Hey. I like a mushroom thing... yeah... mushroom pizza.”, “I would like a pizza, but do not top it with animal, vegetable, or mineral.”, “I was really looking foward to seeing The Pizza Underground, but I heard they split up. I'll take a ham pizza, half pesto, half pepperoni and red sauce!