Everyone needs salvation -- Ian McDonald on Salvation No one offers action-packed, meticulous, suspenseful and consistent hi-tech futures better than Peter Hamilton, and Salvation cranks all of that up five notches -- David Brin on Salvation Salvation is a twisty and hugely satisfying SF thriller that opens a portal on a new and exciting series -- Alastair Reynolds on Salvation A startlingly fresh, vigorous and original cosmic saga. I also got surprised by some wicked plot twists the author had in store and still can't wrap my head around some of them. Even if it means preparing for a future this generation will never see. Before going any further it’s safe to say that as this is a sequel there will be spoilers for the first book, Salvation, both in the publisher’s synopsis and my thoughts below….  16,94 €, 14,90 €  8,80 €, 10,31 € The length of this book might also be an indication for this. But they aren’t alone…. A masterclass in tension and spectacle' Gareth L. Powell. A series emerging as a modern classic -- Stephen Baxter. His books seem to be getting better by the year. . When will my order arrive?  17,00 €, 10,31 € That isn’t to say that Salvation Lost isn’t good in its own right – it really is – but more that this is the first series I’ve read from Peter that feels completely connected and dependent on the whole to really deliver. Check your inbox or spam folder now to confirm your subscription. And we follow Dellian and his colleagues many millennia in the future, having left Juloss behind and continuing the plan the Saints left humanity. x 31mm Having used their advanced technology to infiltrate all aspects of human society by replacing human brains with one of their own, connecting it to the rest of its quint (a group of five Olyix that are quantum entangle and share all experiences), they know so much more about humanity and its secrets than almost any single human. Archive Review: Bradbury Centenary – Fahrenheit 451, The Living Dead by George A Romero and Daniel Kraus, News: 2020 Retro Hugo Award Winners for 1945 Announced, THE RELENTLESS MOON by Mary Robinette Kowal (Lady Astronaut #3), The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table (2016), Dreams Must Explain Themselves by Ursula K. LeGuin, THE CLOUD ROADS (The Books of the Raksura #1) by Martha Wells (Audio Book Review), The Trouble With Peace by Joe Abercrombie, Book Review: CAPTAIN MOXLEY and the EMBERS of the EMPIRE by Dan Hanks, Press Release: Weird Tales Presents: PANDEMONIUM NOIR Kickstarter. And honestly, it’s a stronger novel for it. The choices you make here will apply to your interaction with this service on this device.