A rare opportunity to visit the artist's studio in Walthamstow, North-East London, Known mainly for his ceramic vases and cross-dressing, the English artist was the Turner Prize winner in 2003, Craft is a form of making which generally produces an object that has a function: such as something you can …, Ever wondered how a piece of fabric is made? Découvrez toutes les activités, visites, événements, conférences autour de l'exposition "Vanité, Identité, Sexualité" de cet artiste aux multiples facettes ! Start with the tips of your fingers. mute max volume . It’s important to make sure your pot is dry before it goes in the kiln, otherwise you run the risk of the water turning to steam. Continue to build the second half of your shape. Grayson Perry étudie à la King Edward VI Grammar School (en) à Chelmsford, puis il apprend l'art à l' université de Portsmouth, où il se spécialise dans l'art de la céramique. Listen. The Turner Prize-winning artist, who regularly dresses as his female alter-ego 'Claire', received the honour at Buckingham Palace. Keep all the parts fairly thick. SOLD FOR £52,500. Profitez des week-ends autrement… Découvrez en famille l'exposition "Vanité, Identité, Sexualité" de Grayson Perry ! Blend the end. Grayson Perry: Studio Visit. And then the neck is tapered in and is quite narrow in comparison to the lower half of the pot. There you go. Featured: Galerie Clemens Gunzer Dans plusieurs de ses œuvres, il défie la masculinité traditionnelle et révèle comment ses valeurs et ses traits ont été érodés. Grayson Perry Photos - Artist Grayson Perry poses with his artwork 'Urn For The Living' at Sotheby's auction house on October 12, 2009 in London, England. At this stage, the clay is very fragile and porous. But use what's most comfortable for you. As you paint it on is as it will be and you can see the paint strokes. Now you need to leave the pot until it’s bone dry. Next, I’m going to decide what shape I want my pot to be. Un choix de médailles religieuses et objets de collection liés à l’histoire anglaise issus de la Monnaie de Paris dialogue avec les œuvres de Grayson Perry et ses sources iconographiques. Ses œuvres en céramique, en métal, les tapisseries et les gravures sont autant de réflexions ironiques et grinçantes sur des questions universelles telles que l’identité, le genre, la classe sociale, la religion et la sexualité. These will form the 3D elements which sit on the surface of my pot. The whole point is for the texture. Pottery that has been fired but not yet glazed. Now we’re going to start building the pot. Browse more artworks Grayson Perry from Saatchi Gallery. You will also need access to a pottery kiln. It involves manipulating the clay in a fashion somewhat like kneading dough for bread. Around the outside of this, we’re going to crosshatch it. I’m going to take these illustrations and cut them out of clay. My design is autobiographical and I’ve gone through my life as a timeline and picked out key parts of my life that have really been important to me. Le parcours de visite se déploie sur les deux étages des salons de la Monnaie de Paris à travers 10 chapitres thématiques qui montrent les sujets d’intérêt de l’artiste. You should be able to carve your nail into the bottom of it fairly easily. On average it will take around 1-3 days for clay to become leather hard. You need to use your piece of fabric. I’ve got a sprig mold. Then sponge off any messy sections. Long rolls and as the coil gets longer you can stretch your fingertips out and move to the ends. Grayson Perry – 'Pottery Is My Gimmick' | TateShots - YouTube These are easy to use for illustrative, intricate designs that you need to stay put and not distort during the firing. At the same time I can outline it as part of the illustration style. This first firing increases in temperature slowly to evaporate all the moisture and release any air. Laissez-vous guider dans l'exposition de l'artiste britannique Grayson Perry tous les samedis et dimanches ! Grayson Perry is a contemporary British artist best known for his ceramic vessels, printed tapestries, and design for A House for Essex. We’re going to start out rolling the base. I’m going to use my body weight to begin with. Remember it’s continually drying, so be sure to catch it at the right time. We really have to make sure you stick the first coil on to the base properly. It’s almost like it’s been half-cooked and that helps to hold the glaze on. You can use water or slip. Show us at @TateCollective on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. “I dabbled in ceramics at art college in Portsmouth.