"Since then, our business has remained steady and we have seen an increase in some industries," he said. At this point- with proper masking- distancing- and cleaning… Oregon needs to completely open back up- the flu season will be here shortly- and if we continue proper mitigation practices- that “too” should see a decline… if not… then it is just more proof that Brown’s catastrophic EO’s have had no effect on society but to destroy the economy- the proof is in the pudding ! Oregon records 5 more deaths, 266 new COVID cases by KOIN 6 News Staff / Sep 19, 2020. Ryan and Michelle Harrington believe the pandemic underscored the importance of operating as efficiently as possible. Don’t worry about feeding the troll Martha- you can’t answer that catch 22- nobody can- that is why large groups of business people are now gathering to present the good governor with a class action lawsuit to end this charade ! Ryan and Michelle Harrington believe the pandemic underscored the importance of operating as efficiently as possible. Crook County has had 61 COVID-19 cases, one death and 2,489 negative test results. Campaign donors are buying!!! That agile outlook stems from the resilient company culture that SAIF has worked to prioritize during the pandemic. – Vending management software has made it easy to cross train employees. “We also told businesses they would not need to pay workers’ compensation premiums on wages paid to furloughed employees.”. Many locations in the Portland area wanted to provide food and beverages for their employees, but they did not want the employees to pay for it. for the effects of COVID-19. Some drivers focus more on one area than others, but all can step in and take over a vending route, a micro market route or work in the warehouse. Nutrimeals vends fresh food with app-based ordering, General Mills boosts Q1 2021 sales 9% on rising at-home sales driven by COVID-19, Following COVID-19: How coronavirus pandemic is impacting convenience services, How APEX Tripled Locations and Expanded Offerings with Embed, Trump or Biden? All Rights Reserved. o Oregon’s specific guidelines for the following sectors can be found at (X): Health care Transit Retail Childcare/Early childhood education Personal services Outdoor recreation Restaurants • Consider modifying employee schedules and travel to reduce unnecessary close physical contact (physical distance of less than (6) six feet between people) … Field staff, from investigators to auditors, transitioned to using video and digital tools. In recent weeks, business has begun to recover. Brave Care Clinic’s mobile, pandemic-conscious approach to pediatric care may be a sign of things to come in a changing health care industry. _ – – Oregon response: The Oregon Health Authority and Oregon Office of Emergency Management lead the state response leads the state response. Without a roadmap, SAIF implemented a framework to resolve successfully this growing number of claims. _, It’s contained” what kind of “savior” does that? The technology revolution was taking hold, and innovations such as micro markets, dynamic routing and warehouse automation were in the early stages.