Exploratory talks between Greece and Turkey over the continental shelf and exclusive economic zone rights were last held in 2016. A chartered accountant who was chief executive of the London Metal Exchange from 2001 to 2006, and since then has been sitting on boards. Greece has 10 million barrels of proved oil reserves as of 1 January 2011. Bath University, United Kingdom: Supported a Charity Wheelchair Basketball Game. Energean’s shares are owned by a particular offshoot called Third Point Hellenic Recovery Fund set up to gamble on the Greek economy. As the Financial Times writes: “The fuel is touted as a stepping stone to the low-carbon economy. (See this interview with Rigas on the company’s beginnings.). The company also operates over 1700 gas stations in Greece and about 300 gas stations in Serbia, Bulg… When Energean first took over the Prinos concession it had an offtake deal with Hellenic Petroleum, but switched to BP. One is a 50% stake in the West Patraikos offshore block, which is operated by partner Hellenic Petroleum. Energean’s first deal, and still its only actual production sites (before the Edison deal), are wells in the Prinos basin off the north eastern Greek coast at Kavala. Turkey was also under increasing international pressure to withdraw the survey ship, with the threat of European Union sanctions looming. In reality these arguments are just used to evade the urgent necessity to stop building new fossil fuel infrastructure and instead end their use as rapidly as possible.’. This material has been prepared for general informational purposes only and is not intended to be relied upon as accounting, tax, or other professional advice. Initially, the gas will go to supply Israel’s domestic market. In Algeria, Energean will take over Edison’s 11.5% stake in the Reganne Nord complex of gas fields in the Sahara desert, which started producing in 2017. This will nearly double its size. (See Energean 2018 Annual Report.). These include those responsible for some of the world’s most infamous oil disasters – and other atrocities. Energean is committed to sustainable development and to be a net zero emitter by 2050. Set up by Greek businessmen Mathios Rigas and Stathis Topouzoglu, until recently it was registered in Cyprus. Energean has made a deal to sell all its current Greek oil production to one major partner: BP. Campaigners accuse IDB Development Group, Bank HaPoalim and Bank Leumi of being directly implicated in illegal occupation and settlement activities in Palestine: Israeli state policy means that many Palestinian citizens of Israel are denied access to electricity. Formerly known as British Petroleum, one of the seven global oil “supermajors”. As it moves into Israel, Energean has cultivated close relationships with the country’s business, financial and political elites. In an accelerated energy transition, can US utilities fast-track transformation? Up to $1 billion of these bonds belonged to Third Point, who had bought them earlier that year for a fraction of their face value. Sponsor a Wheelchair Basketball team called ‘Energean-Kavala B.C.’, competing in the 2018 – 2019 A2 Men’s National Basketball Championship & Friends. Bank HaPoalim provides financing for construction projects in Israeli settlements in the occupied territory”. Luckily for the Israeli state’s aims of self-sufficiency, a number of new gas fields have been discovered off its waters in recent years. Before that worked for the state of Israel as Director General of the Israeli Finance Ministry (2001-3), DG of Budget Department, and Minister of Economic Affairs at Washington embassy. The first was taking a $60 million stake in Energean in 2013. Map of proposed Israel-Cyprus gas pipeline (Energean corporate presentation). Before that he worked in shipping and oil finance at Chase Manhattan Bank (1993-99), then was head of Piraeus Bank’s shipping division (1999-2001). First, in 2013, Rigas and Toupozoglu sold 45% of Energean to Third Point, a vulture fund owned by US billionaire Dan Loeb. This is operated by Total (50%), with Hellenic Petroleum also having a 25% share. “Turkey views its future political and economic influence across the entire Mediterranean region and in Africa as being at stake.”. In 2013 and 2014 it bought over a quarter of Cyprus’ Hellenic Bank. Energean has been consistently collaborating with the Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology, while it offers opportunities to students from any university school or department related to E&P activities.