Japan, sky, trees, street, anime, anime girls, clouds, puddle, blue, bag, green, school uniform | 2400x1697 Wallpaper This anime isn't quite on par with Quintuplets, but it comes close, and we love it all the same. He can't stand how patronizing and rigid the school system is, so he tries to connect with his students and nurture their minds on his own terms. Even more tantalizing is the mystery of which sister Futaro will marry! On one side we get Raku Ichijo, from a terrifying yakuza family, and Chitoge Kirisaka, from a mafia family. This high school rom-com is a Romeo and Juliet incarnation, and this time we get the son and daughter of two rival crime families! “Green School isn’t just a school, it’s a global movement to raise changemakers – because our world needs us now.” JOHN & CYNTHIA HARDY, GREEN SCHOOL CO-FOUNDERS “Green School teaches us to become leaders today. Our school motto is "Let your light shine" (Matthew 5:16) and this  principle guides our approach to students and staff alike. E: enquiries@tgsgirls.com, Website Design by This series may be set in a high school, but something is off about it. Busch Corner, London Road, Isleworth, Middlesex TW7 5BB, T: 020 8321 8080 • F: 020 8321 8081 For a more comprehensive look at our Latest Achievements please click, MYRIAD Mindfulness Research Project - University of Oxford, NHS West London Trust - Getting ready to go back to school. This is a staple high school anime, and the manga is a must-have for any collection. That's quite a name, and the title really only covers the first arc of this short series. Read Green School Uniform reviews and Green School Uniform ratings – Buy Green School Uniform with confidence on AliExpress! Now Toru tries to balance her high school life with a complex web of budding relationships, not to mention contend with the Sohma curse and the cruel family head, Akito. He learns a few life lessons along the way, and some of his classmates might have a few secrets of their own. In 6th grade, Shota Ishida (left) mercilessly bullied his deaf classmate Shoko Nishimiya (right), and years later, he's suffocating on guilt and disgust with himself. And they still have lectures, homework, and exams on top of everything else, too. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Updated April 4, 2020 by Louis Kemner: The whole high school anime genre is such a huge and diverse field, we decided that a list of 10 isn't long enough to showcase the impressive variety of high school anime out there. NEXT: 10 Best Historically Themed Anime, Ranked. Updated May 22nd, 2020 by Louis Kemner: Once again, the concept of "high school anime" has proven itself such a huge and popular genre, there is need to expand a list of "best high school anime" more than once to do all the best series justice. All kinds of horror ensues, and Koichi and his friends might not make it out alive. Watch and find out! Surprise: they're all cursed with the Chinese Zodiac, and can transform into animals! The characters have to look inward to find peace and move on. This is another harem anime, and it trades magical girls for a set of five identical sisters with clashing personalities. By continuing to use AliExpress you accept our use of cookies (view more on our Privacy Policy). Most intended anime viewers are in middle and high school, so naturally, many anime series use that as a setting, even for horror, sci-fi, and fantasy series. He is an invader who wants to doom the entire Earth, but he also wants to teach. This heartwarming high school anime has a roughly similar premise to The Quintessential Quintuplets (which we'll cover later). As expected, this anime packs all kinds of high-voltage high school hijinks, and it all starts when Ryu Yamada trips and knocks over his classmate on the stairs. In it, the main character (who goes by Joro) is asked to speak privately with two different beautiful girls. 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