Scant information is known about his early life. It’s among the most recognizable type of scene from western movies. There he married, began farming, eventually had 11 children. Belle dressed stylishly, rode side-saddle all glamoured up & was a great shot with her twin pistols. Even including shooting a man (although unintentionally) for snoring! In 1880, Billy the Kid arrived at a small town. Pancho Villa was a Mexican revolutionary who achieved legendary status towards the end of his life. Growing up with Mormon parents in Utah, he left home before adulthood. Do you think the Earps were in the right here? Together they grew a lucrative system of fencing for rustlers, horse-thieves & bootleggers. He shot him dead July 14, 1881. Next they gathered other guys, formed a gang, & began robbing banks & post offices. Here's Helpful Details! James “Wild Bill” Hickok. With all his notoriety, Ike Clanton met his end as a result of stealing cattle. Like the one here in Tombstone, Arizona - pretty well known: The Gunfight at the O.K. Then became involved in robbing trains & stagecoaches. The Kid woke up just as Pat Garrett was entering the building, but was easily shot dead by Garrett. Stealing as needed, getting in gunfights to survive. Rangers came after them, called the "Sam Bass War." A narration is set in motion by pushing a button. He became a respected Texas Ranger. Marshal James Fagan hired Bass as U.S. Deputy Marshal for Western Arkansas, including Indian Territory, since he spoke the languages. With Butch Cassidy, in his Wild Bunch gang. Eventually he hooked up with Harry Longabaugh, the Sundance Kid. Corral? Corral Attraction, visitors gather on shaded viewing bleachers. Around 25 years old he appeared in Dodge City, Kansas. The scene isn't at the actual spot. Both of these buildings are still standing today. He attempted a train robbery, but the Wells Fargo messenger defended the valuables by attacking the Tall Texan with a mallet. Much of the time, it would be difficult to tell who had even “won” the gunfight for several minutes, as the black powder smoke from the pistols cleared the air. With Jack Hanrahan, Frank Albertson, R.G. Enoute to jail, German immigrant cattlemen killed Williamson. James ‘Killer’ Miller. The film uses historical accounts, photographs from the period as well as film clips from Western movies depicting the historical events. Many of his killings were just to evade capture, engaging any lawman who approached him in gunfights. He feuded with the lawman Wyatt Earp, and his gunfighter friend Doc Holliday. Then he joined his brother Jesse, robbing banks & trains from 1868 to 1876 that included murders. After that was offered the Marshal's job in Dodge City. Thanks for the input Lonnie. Gunfighters of the Old West The terms “ gunfighter ” or “gunslinger,” as they are most often called today, are actually more modern words utilized in films and literature of the 20th Century.