Updates to come. My husband even thought it sounded like a gun shot. For starters, this isn’t a “deep state” conspiracy theory. Could be anything. That 5AM series of blasts echoed across the valley west of the Junction, unlike all the fireworks we’ve had in July and we’ve had plenty. It’s not. Sgt. Deputies and … But otherwise, what happened is a mystery, as there is no police report classification indicating evidence was found – if anyone has firsthand knowledge of police finding shell casings and/or bullet damage somewhere, please let us know. The Freedom Foundation argues the Washington coronavirus deaths is inflated by 13%. But the data he’s using will change. Exactly, and with zero enforcement for any of those things, it won’t change. You will receive a new password via e-mail. Part of his guidance for reopening the economy (or starting Phase 2 early) is contingent on having less than 10 cases of cornavirus per 100,000 residents. That has serious economic implications. It was fireworks, I had eyes on @ approx 2240. Follow @JasonRantz on Twitter and Instagram or like me on Facebook. We’re aware that there is some confusion about how this works and whether or not this modified process is accurate.”, It seems obvious that their data is not accurate. Updates to come. The crime scene was eventually located on the north and south sides of White Avenue west of 19th Street, according to KPD. (I checked my watch which is why I know the exact time.) Thought commenters might have been around to answer. @ Howard… Did you report them to the police? Why should they stop with the fireworks why should they wear a maskwhy should they slow down on our neighborhood streetswhy shouldn’t they take the lower bridge versus the detoursthe sad answer is that there are some who feel entitled, the rules don’t apply to them, and no one in their lives have taught them responsibility and held them accountable cant blame their actions on the pandemic that is providing an excuse for bad behavior that I am confident is well engrained, the Me, Myself, and I syndrome. If he can get the media and public to dismiss his critics, Inslee won’t have to answer tough questions. More than 5,000 out per map. Our bedroom faces towards the West so it sounded like it came from that way, but I know sounds can be deceiving around there. It was fireworks in south delridge area near 8600 block on 17th or 18 sw. Finishing with 3 rapid fire shots. Inslee changes guidelines on a dime. Sounded like one gun. Woke us out of a sound sleep. They imply as much: “Our dashboard numbers do include any death to a person that has tested positive to COVID-19.”. One coronavirus-positive gun shot victim or a car crash fatality with coronavirus-positive victims could pause a Phase 2 start for a county. This wasn’t a “fight” or disagreement. Still, Inslee is pretending this data discrepancy isn’t meaningful. It’s so unsettling thinking someone might be getting shot or that a stray bullet might end up in your house. All contents copyright 2020, A Drink of Water and a Story Interactive. Sounded like it was quite a ways off. At least 10 in succinct pattern of 1 second pause between each. ARSON SUSPECT CHARGED: A 35-year-old man is jailed in lieu of $200,000 bail, charged with arson and burglary, in the White Center fire that gutted a former funeral home almost two weeks ago. Even to a seasoned veteran shooter it sounded like shots fired. News and information for Burien, Ballard, West Seattle, White Center, Des Moines, and surrounding areas. It sounded like short strings of gun shots. If all are actual coronavirus deaths, it would put Washington into the top 10 highest death counts by state (assuming the other states aren’t counting deaths the way we are). Hearing a lot of fireworks tonight actually.