David Hughes is chief executive of the Association of Colleges, It only takes a moment and you'll get access to more news, plus courses, jobs and teaching resources tailored to you, Following the Rishi Sunak's statement today, Anneliese Dodds says his 'lack of action' on training and skills is 'worrying', Ofsted's new visits have been criticised as inspections by stealth – but what are they really like? Perhaps the biggest unknown is how this might impact on the behaviours of the banks, local government pension funds and other suppliers. However, annual accounts for the academy – run by a single-academy trust of the same name – show nearly £1 million is owed to the college for “recharged expenses for salaries and lessons in the college”. This is the first ever use of very new legislation, so in many ways it is a high-risk approach for the DfE to use this route now. TAFEA 2017 sets out the framework of an insolvency regime which applies to further education and sixth form colleges in England and Wales. It also listed that Hannan and Lumsdon-Taylor “regularly made decisions themselves outside of executive and any open discussion – and reacted strongly to questioning or challenge”. Here’s my list of areas of impact with some thoughts on what might happen. Practitioner Danny Dartnaill Thames Tower Level 12 Station Road, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 1LX. A spokesperson for Hadlow College said “positive conversations are currently taking place relating to any possible monies owed between the two establishments”. College lobby boss keen on extension to break from Ofsted... Education sector appears exempt from new Covid restrictions in battle... Apprenticeships will become unprofitable if ineligible costs excluded from funding... Government suggests schools and colleges relax phone bans to allow... Education sector appears exempt from new... Apprenticeships will become unprofitable if ineligible... Government suggests schools and colleges relax... Chancellor announces ‘brand-new bonus for businesses... Minister’s office breaks apprenticeship recruitment pledge, www.feweek.co.uk © Learning & Skills Events Consultancy and Training Limited. Hadlow College insolvency: How to ensure it doesn't happen again, petitioned the High Court to place Hadlow College into education administration, Three colleges served financial health notices, Principal and deputy suspended at Hadlow College Group, 'High risk' of college insolvency, warns FE commissioner, Chancellor told to 'get serious' on training and skills, What happened when Ofsted came for a visit, Watchdog fears Brexit could dilute teaching standards, How schools can help the hidden victims of Covid-19. No-one is outside the law, and we have professional training, CPD, regulatory frameworks and peer networks for a very good reason. Not just people who are in charge, but the staff who didn’t do their jobs. The education administrator has a legal duty to place the interests of current and enrolled students first, above all else. Registered in England and Wales. A spokesperson said if there is evidence of misconduct, and it’s in the public interest, the Insolvency Service may pursue enforcement measures, such as director disqualification. Share this. We know that from the recent experiences of Carillion, Learndirect, 3AAA to name but a few. Sometimes poor leadership and scandal lie behind the numbers. The other side of the story will come out. Why the White Paper has to focus on the structure of FE, The silver lining of staff being unable to fly home, Magazine debrief podcast: Nonsense, swearing and Slant, Exclusive: 93% of GCSE teachers say students ‘behind’, Teachers denied testing for 'not being key workers'. That’s why the DfE needs to make sure it works well – for students, staff, communities and suppliers – because it has become the test case that everyone will look at when considering their view of the risks of learning at, working for, and supplying all colleges. Hadlow College, in Kent, will be the first institution taken through a new insolvency regime for colleges, Schools Week’s sister paper FE Week revealed today. WELCOMEHadlow College. Sometimes they hit headlines because, sadly, the media seems to like failure. GCSEs 2021: Will exam chaos impact student motivation? He just ran off. Teachers say they're kept in dark on pupil Covid tests, Phonics screening check: 5 ways to reduce the stress, NHS Covid-19 app: 5 things teachers need to know.