If you're a manufacturer – you need an easy-to-use website that shows ideal customers what you do, and why it…, What is white space in Design? He also played in high school, ... Should off the field activities keep a player out of the Hall of Fame? The context of this type of footer is key of course – as not a lot of companies could get away with this. Social icons so they can join in on the discussion, and perhaps follow you on other platforms. Blame it on the shrinking strike zone. I like having badges of organizations a company is a part of so that people can understand the company is part of a community and is trustworthy, not some lone wolf company that doesn’t follow best practices. Legends Of Hockey Spotlight Leo Boivin Treasure Chest. This is a footer we designed for a client in a creative agency industry. Survivor, Bakay: Baltimore vs. New York Tale of the Tape, the man who defined the essence of squatting low and firing off the line, (name of older player/contemporary you admired), (name of opponent you never really liked but made your life hell on the field), (name of teammate who split your votes, thereby keeping both of you out of the Hall for years), that Super Bowl -- it's a shame someone had to lose that day, the God-awful things you used to yell at me before the snap, the way your eyes glazed over when your amphetamines kicked in, the way you ran for the sidelines to avoid getting hit, More summers/battles/wars/years/lawsuits ago than I care to remember, Back when I could still put my own pants on in the morning, just to avoid quality time with your families, (your jersey number -- as in "Old Number 99! Raider, Bakay's Tale of the Tape: Tiger Woods vs. James Bond, Bakay's Tale of the Tape: L.A. Phil vs. Chicago Phil, Bakay's Tale of the Tape: Anna vs. No Anna, Nick Bakay's Tale of the Tape: Wilt vs. Shaq, Tale of the Tape: Dominator vs. Dominatrix. He said that when he was growing up he rooted for the Cincinnati Reds just like every other kid in the area. Blame it on the shrinking pitching talent pool. (Check out this 26 website color schemes post too.). Hall of Fame. We followed the notion that no space should be left untouched with this design. We focused on that goal by leaving out extraneous items and having a prominent map with contact info. "Our morals are a simple set of rules and guidelines that help us make decisions throughout our lives, both big and small. Let’s hope yours ends up on the list. Hall of fame definition: If you say that someone is a member of a particular hall of fame , you mean that they are... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples 600 Washington Avenue North Suite C203, In 1515 he retunes ... For Pete sake, Put Rose in the Hall of Fame Pete Rose was one of the best baseball players of all time. White space in graphic and web design is simply the places in between elements…, Sometimes you just need some creative design inspiration! POV-Ray Hall of Fame (Go to low-bandwidth index) The images presented on this page show a selection of the types of art that can be created using POV-Ray. You want your website footer to be functional, not just beautiful. This is a new footer we designed for a financial services client of ours. Magic Johnson was a 69 guard whose ... Joseph Jefferson Jackson was born on July 16, 1887. I love contact forms in footers. Save Image. Thank you for reading ’17 Website Footer Designs – Hall of Fame Examples and Best Practices (2020 Update)’ – leave your favorite website footer in the comments.