The key to success with Elise is to use your Discover spells to find strong minions that you can build your strategy around. Maybe increasing it to 2 mana? Millhouse’s Hero Power changes the entire economy of the game. Mama Bear was buffed. As Lord Barov, you want to use your Hero Power every turn from turn two, and if you can correctly predict the winner of combat, you get a significant tempo boost. Sometimes you may want to delay your first Tavern upgrade all the way to turn four. In fact, Discovering a minion from a specific Tier is immensely more powerful than refreshing your Tavern, because you are not guaranteed to see minions from a specific Tier, much less three of them at once. フリーズ / Freeze Dancing Deryl is Tier 1 when played correctly getting a 8/8 Hyeana early won me quiet some games. These Heroes have some glaring weaknesses or lack of power. At one gold, these are basically free minions, because you can sell any that you don’t like for the same price. ヨーロッパサーバー(以下、EUサーバー)でランキング1位を記録しているSirSaltyが書いた、バトルグラウンドのガイドを翻訳して掲載します。, SirSaltyはバトルグラウンドリリース後からEUサーバーで上位にランクインし、1位をキープしていたプレイヤーです。以前よりランク戦で活躍しているプレイヤーで、実力は折り紙付き。, なお、このガイドは本人の許諾の元書かれています。この場で改めて翻訳・転載を快く許可してくれたSirSaltyに感謝します。また、このガイドを読んだら、SirSaltyをTwitterやTwitchで是非フォローしてください(そして配信を見て下さい)。私(ahirun)とSirSaltyがとても喜びます。, ガイド原文:SirSalty Hearthstone Battlegrounds Guide But sometimes, you focus on 1 minion. Please reconsider moving her to the 3rd. Reno’s Hero Power can be used only once per game, so you need to carefully consider when is the best time to use it. There is a rather funny meme strategy with Ysera, where you stay on Tier one and try to get as many Red Whelps as you can so that your board just shoots everything down right away. This list doesn’t really say that much. Nozdormu has an extremely powerful passive Hero Power: your first Refresh each turn is free. And bartendotron is super strong if you get to tier 3 first (which you probably will). Idk if I understand correctly but… isn’t ‘opening packs from the most recent Hearthstone expansion adds certain upgrades for the Battlegrounds’… P2W ? Similar thing happens with Nefarian, since you assume you will recieve a 1dmg aoe at the start of the game, you can adjust and for example, not put your Cobalt Guardian first in line to hit like you would normally do. This means that even if you not necesarily win, at least draw most games, so you can get to the midgame unscathered. After two turns, you get the minion with the +1/+1 buff. I ran Syndragosa instead of 2 minions in the tier bellow. Now, in terms of consistency, i’d say that the most consistent hero in the game is Deryl. Besides an … マリゴス / Malygos Most of the other Tier One heroes at least have a chance to wiff, but there’s basically no downside to using Rafaam’s HP and potential for huge upswing.