After the patch, the Stubborn Gastropod will still apply Poisonous after being silenced and the Acolyte of Pain will die. การ์ดแผนการจะแข็งแกร่งขึ้นทุกเทิร์นที่อยู่ในมือของคุณ เพราะใครๆ ก็รู้ว่าแผนการที่ดีต้องมีการวางแผน ความอดทน และความบ้าระห่ำ! [Mobile] Fixed an issue that caused broken plant textures on the Rastakhan Rumble board when viewed on some devices. In this Hearthstone update we’re sharpening swords, feeding familiars, and stockpiling staves in preparation for descent into Dalaran and the launch of Rise of Shadows on April 9. Welcome to the Rise of Shadows! Fixed an issue where Stargazer Luna would not trigger if the right-most card in hand was a minion and changed controllers after coming into play. According to him, what a holiday really needs to succeed is custom, high-powered explosives. Before this patch, the Stubborn Gastropod would not apply its Poisonous effect, and the Acolyte of Pain would live. theme. ไม่มีวันล่มสลาย! There’s only one thing left to do before they can attempt their heist: hire some henchmen! Each member of the League of E.V.I.L. You, the player, get to fight for the glory of your new evil lords and see if you’re tough enough to be a Henchperson! Poisonous, Lifesteal, and Overkill Update. Rise of Shadows card packs are purchasable through the Shop, with the usual prices and purchasing options. [Mobile] Centered Lady Liadrin’s face in the deck tile. กำลังจะปลดปล่อยแผนลับสุดยิ่งใหญ่ เลิกเป็นคนดีแล้วมาเข้าสู่ด้านมืดไปกับพวกเราดีกว่า ยินดีต้อนรับสู่ Rise of Shadows! Try Archmage Vargoth early, for free! The tavern is lively this time of year. After the patch, if a card has a Poisonous, Lifesteal, or Overkill keyword at the moment it deals damage, that keyword effect will apply no matter what. เตรียมใจรอดูผลงานจากแผนลับของพวกเราเสียเถอะ พวกเจ้าจะต้องอึ้งอย่างแน่นอน! We recommend waiting a couple of days before using this feature to create or complete Rise of Shadows decks. The League of E.V.I.L. This Neutral Legendary spinner of spells and defender of Dalaran will be automatically added to your collection and can be played RIGHT NOW in Standard & Wild matches before Rise of Shadows officially launches on April 9. Once Rise of Shadows launches, keep an eye on your quest log for a series of Legendary quests that will reward Rise of Shadows card packs along with card packs from other Year of the Dragon sets. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Fixed an issue that caused a minion to be unable to attack for a turn if stolen after attacking it with the Supercollider weapon. Rise of Shadows cards will be available through the following options: 1. With Rise of Shadows, the Arena will start a regular rotation of available cards from both new and older expansions. The magical floating city of Dalaran….