The first player to win with all of their decks is the victor. Some sites also offer buy-in tournaments, starting at just a few cents to enter. You’ve watched the biggest tournaments Hearthstone has to offer—now, you want to play in them. The Primary is the main deck that players must start with for their first game. The match starts with a Shield Phase in which both players protect a deck from being banned by the other player. The two players losing their Initial Matches are placed into the Elimination Match. Matches were streamed live on the official Hearthstone Twitch channel. Most of these you will find locally, which is the easiest way to start playing offline. Any deck that wins a game remains to be used for the next game. Four groups of four players (one from each region) competed against each other in a double-elimination tournament format until only eight players remained, at which point the competition shifted to a single-elimination bracket. The TeSPA Collegiate Hearthstone Championship is Coming! Before the start of matches, if specified in the tournament rules, the highest-seeded player can receive an 'advantage' going into the Dual Tournament bracket: Hearthstone Masters is the new three-tiered tournament structure implemented by Blizzard in 2019. Round Robin is a non-eliminating tournament format in which players play against every other player for the same number of matches. Following the regional playoffs in which players were selected, the Hearthstone World Championship began on November 2-3, and concluded at BlizzCon 2014 on November 7-8. This included the addition of point targets for each HCT season for qualification into seasonal playoffs, and much more. StrifeCro, another strong contender, was also eliminated by the lesser-known DTwo. The higher the buy-in, the higher the prize—and the stiffer the competition. Today, Theo is here to discuss setting out on a competitive Hearthstone career. The players proceed to battle with their available three decks in a best-of-3 or best-of-5 series. Match formats are formats which determine how games are played between two players for a given head-to-head match. The finals saw Firebat and Tiddler Celestial opening with a druid mirror, which Firebat was able to win. Just like their online portion, these see the best players from around the world competing for HCT points. Lastly, you want to look at the field you will face and think about what decks and lineups you expect them to bring. Participation in a Regional Championship, Regional Qualifier, or Fireside Gathering is now dependent on proof of residency or citizenship within the given eligible region. Hearthstone Masters is Hearthstone’s new three-tiered competitive program consisting of round-the-clock qualifiers, live global tournaments, and an exclusive weekly top tier of competition. The level of play here is higher than other free tournaments, and you will see everybody try their best to take the top spot and the invitation to the Challenger Finals. [5][6] Blizzard also uses a special Dual Tournament tournament format.[7]. Any deck that is defeated is "eliminated", and one of the remaining decks is chosen to play the next game. While other decks may be slightly better, knowing how to play a deck usually helps a lot more. Only players who have gone through the tribulations of the Hearthstone Grandmasters program and emerged victorious are able to battle it out for ultimate prize money and glory. Players cannot receive more than one 'bye' during a tournament. Hearthstone Collegiate National Championship. Will you be trying to play in a tournament sometime soon? Shield-Phase Conquest is a match format used in tournaments, identical to Conquest but with a Shield Phase in which players protect one of their decks from being banned.[3]. If you’ve enjoyed Theo’s contribution here, make sure to follow him on Twitter and Twitch. Are there other players you’d like to see stories from in the future? There are a few different local tournaments you can attend, with a Fireside Gathering near you probably being the best way to get started. As of 2020, the official Hearthstone tournament scene consists of a three-tiered tournament system, collectively called Hearthstone Masters: The new three-tiered tournament scene replaced the Hearthstone World Championship Tour in 2019 as the official tournament structure after the conclusion of the 2018/2019 Hearthstone World Championship. These are very similar to Fireside Gatherings, but more competitive, as everyone wants that coveted Challenger Finals spot. Now that you know which tournaments you can play in, how do you prepare for them? Was it something you could have prevented with better preparation? This group moves out of the tournament bracket and onto the next stage of the tournament.