Maori,  Ihre Daten werden nicht an Dritte weitergegeben, sondern ausschließlich von MyStudyChoice für Beratungszwecke genutzt. Term 4/October, Length of stay: Our students are able to access transition support while they are at school and after they have left. The Gateway programme is a structured hands-on workplace learning opportunity for senior, work-ready students. Day School, Qualifications: You will find at Heretaunga College that we provide exciting contextualised courses for our senior students to select from. Our students have meaningful career conversations with their learning coaches and subject teachers. Our courses therefore cater for students who are planning to go to university, polytechnic or other tertiary institutions, and also for students who are planning to enter the workforce at the end of Year 12 or Year 13. 4 Terms,  until graduation,  The majority of houses in Upper Hutt are single storey with spacious sections and gardens. investigate those subjects thoroughly. Please email for an Enrolment Pack. Weitere Informationen finden Sie in unserer Datenschutzerklärung. The SPEC programs (South Pacific Education Courses) are innovative, NZQA approved courses that gain students credits at NCEA Level 1 and 2. Every year we encourage students to compete in Barbershop, Chamber Orchestra and Rockquest/Tangata Beats. Heretaunga College offers a range of exciting and creative contextualised courses across the senior school. Subject Schools. Registration Fee,  mandatory. This limits the choices that schools can offer students and means there are more compulsory subjects. Getting out there to do our own inquiries into our world is at its heart, Social Studies - how people have different perspectives on this world and how, through social action, we can transform it, Economics and Business - how people make decisions about using the world’s resources and how it can be transformed for the better through business activity. Students choose seven courses in a programme of learning, with each course having a link to a vocational pathway. Mathematics is the exploration and use of patterns and relationships in quantities, space, and time. Subjects: Heretaunga College -- History. About the original. The Creative Arts programmes at Porirua College aim to provide all students, from Year 9 through to Year 13, the opportunity to develop and improve their knowledge and skill in a variety of artistic curriculum areas such as: Students will gain the education needed to achieve and maintain a creative drive, both now and in the future. Heretaunga College has modern facilities with bright airy classrooms, open spaces for breakout study. Collection Publication 119, Heretaunga Panui Magazines. Euro 200 to 250/month If applicable additional health/accident/third part liability insurance, Health Insurance: We create culturally inclusive individualised education plans suited to the particular needs of the learner. Students should aim to have breadth in their course selection, Students must ensure that their course selections provide them with opportunity to gain UE literacy, Students must ensure that their course selections provide them with opportunity to gain UE (14 credits from 3 domains, and UE literacy). Staff are most willing to help you think this through. Heretaunga offers a broad range of classes and subjects throughout all year levels. Term 3/July,  Sam Scott shared a post. View all subjects… NCEA, Religion: Term 2/April,  At Porirua College we offer a full Mathematics and statistics programme in years 9 and 10.