“They are a protection,” Terry insisted. arrangements in a new way, just as the men are. I protested. Herlandians to hear him speak of men “allowing” women to work, or of For what was thought and believed by your foremothers?”, “They were inconveniently reasonable, these women.”, “I always liked that Arab saying, 'First tie your camel and then trust in the Lord,”, “I was madly in love with not so much what was there as with what I supposed to be there.”, “And, as I traveled farther and farther, exploring the rich, sweet soul of her, my sense of pleasant friendship became but a broad foundation for such height, such breadth, such interlocked combination of feeling as left me fairly blinded with the wonder of it.”, “Will you excuse us all,” [Jeff] said, “if we admit that we find it hard to believe? child at first, he soon grows into a new kind of man, while Terry retreats They lived as if God was real and at work within them.”. willing to learn from the situation in which he finds himself. Van’s early Van cannot determine how old the loved—idolized—honored—kept”) begins to take on new and more ominous levels feeling that he is perpetually in the wrong stays with him throughout his of masculinity represented by all three men, particularly by Terry, is a Women, forced to lead restricted lives, retard all human progress. Herland Quotes Showing 1-24 of 24. All Quotes Their cleanliness, their health, their exquisite order, the rich peaceful beauty of the whole land, the happiness of the children, and above all the constant progress they made—all this was their religion. 'Why, this is a CIVILIZED country!'. These women are not afraid of the three explorers, and they do not seem like Herland: Important Quotations Explained, page 2 | SparkNotes. kind of childishness, the mark of an incomplete personality. sensitivity to his position with regard to the women shows that he is Since they are not beautiful “in Terry, on the Mother-love with them was not a brute passion, a mere "instinct," a wholly personal feeling; it was—a religion.”, “Only women there—and children," Jeff urged excitedly. Chapter 5: A Unique History Quotes. Visit BN.com to buy new and used textbooks, and check out our award-winning NOOK tablets and eReaders. We don't have to do things FOR them—they don't need it, you know. There is no such-possibility-in the rest of the world.”, “But only this-that people who are utterly ignorant will believe anything-which you certainly knew before.”. Van’s In Chapter 2, the men have their first encounter with the women of Refresh and try again. In this situation, the men find Herlandian way of thinking, and he is happy to point out that the supposedly Van begins to sense that these women are unlike any he has ever encountered,