Whether it would’ve done so on time, within budget, or anything else … that’s debatable .. but I’m not sure I care. They made no money from it, Gigabit download plans are likely to be much more considering just the wholesale connection cost is appx $90 incl GST + the CVC and other costs. Millions of extra households to be given access to faster NBN speeds by 2023 under $3.5b upgrade plan. There is no affiliation with NBNCo, and is only an enthusiast site trying to bring visibility to what's being deployed. We will confirm your actual speeds after connection if that is the case. What speed tier may be suitable for you depends on what you use the internet for and the maximum line speed of your nbn fixed line technology. 18 Mbps download – 18 Mbps upload2 with data overflow onto available Premium speed (eligibility criteria & fees apply). Im currently paying for the 100mbps speed boost and getting 95 down and 35 up. Streaming (Netflix, Stan, Foxtel Now, Binge), IT Helpdesk and Technicial Support by Telstra Platinum, Helping Australians Find the Things that Matter Most with Telstra Locator. The NBN should have been a wireless model from day 1 and should have been done by extending the existing Telstra network and building more mobile phone towers which would make more sense considering most people access the internet from a MOBILE wireless device. However, i believe this will not achieve anything as we were getting acceptable speeds when we were on cable and seems to only happen during "peak times" which will be effected on weekends also. FTTP is the only viable long term solution. I currently get 12mbps and can only dream of 100mpbs let alone 1000mbps. I agree. Access to fast download and upload speeds has the potential to allow end-users to do a whole lot more with their broadband connection, from streaming multiple concurrent HD video streams within the same household, to being able to upload large files to the cloud when they are working or studying. It was Malcom’s Technology Mess. At Telstra, we are committed to providing you with a great experience on the nbn network. © 2020 - Tech Guide. Dropping speed tiers is therefore both handy for end-customers and a way for Telstra to keep earning higher margins for as long as possible before NBN connections wholesaled by NBN Co become the only game in town. “While the Labor government’s proposal of near-universal Fibre to the Premises might’ve been unworkable…”. Many existing HFC end-users – who will still need to contact their retail service provider (RSP) to switch to an nbn™ HFC service – may now be able to access wholesale upload speeds of up to 40Mbps*. If you’re stuck with FTTN, remember who did it to you. Happy for votes, not happy to provide you with anything for those votes. Labor’s FTTP would undoubtedly have delivered better broadband to more people.