Green Honley High School blazer with embroidered Honley Crest on chest pocket . If you are looking for a specific waist size/length in junior and senior skirts, The School Shop has a good selection: document.write(CurrentYear) The best time of year to shop for back-to-school uniforms is June or July. We are grateful for your support in ensuring all our students are wearing the correct school. 2. When tights are worn they should be black, navy blue, grey or neutral. We would therefore discourage parents from allowing their children to adopt such styles. Orders for PE kit can be placed through school. The Friends of Aylsham High School also run a shop for the sale of pre-owned items of school uniform. Please note that in line with the government announcement that face coverings must be worn in shops from July 2 4 th, we are requesting that all visitors to Printworks, the Express Pop-Up Shop or Second-h and Uniform Shop, wear a face covering. Plain mid-grey traditional tailored school style trousers. The school uniform has been approved by the School Governors in consultation with parents, students and staff. Pupils are allowed a light application of make-up. Brightly coloured hair accessories are not allowed. School Website Design by e4education Jeans, chinos, cords, tight trousers, leggings or hipsters are not acceptable. ©2020 Aylsham High School When socks are worn, they should be black or grey. These are then available to bridge the gap to help families send their children to school in the correct uniform. Banbury Road, Kineton, Warwickshire CV35 0JX Embroidered Golf Shirt, Long Sleeve/Short Sleeve; Embroidered Zip Polo Sweatshirt; Grey Dress Pants. Message about privacy policy here. THANK YOU! The stud must be either silver or gold and no longer than 3mm in length, Only senior school students in Years 10 and 11 will be permitted to wear make-up. Year 11 uniform is as above except a black v-neck jumper with AHS badge is worn instead of a blazer. All students must wear gum shields for hockey and rugby, these are available to purchase from the school for £2. Must be embroidered with the Sacred Heart logo; Must be worn at the waist and not cut off or frayed at the bottom; Footwear. Clothing should not be purchased from high street fashion retailers. The executive headteacher reserves the right to isolate any student who is wearing any garment which the executive headteacher and senior staff consider unsuitable for school. Orders under £70 will be charged for delivery or alternatively you can opt to have uniform delivered to the school. School Uniform Wolverhampton Girls’ High School uniform can be purchased from either of our two suppliers, Lads & Lasses Schoolwear and S. Simmonds & Son Ltd. On this page you can view our Uniform Policy and also shop online at either of our suppliers. The school reserves the right to judge a hairstyle as ‘Extreme’. No branded footwear (please see guidelines), Optional: Plain mid-grey v-neck jumper (no logo), Optional: Plain black formal belt worn around the waist, Additional Clothing: Plain front fastening outdoor coat with no visible logo can be worn in outdoor and dining spaces but must be removed at all other times. This must be discrete and involve only a natural palette of pale pink, cream or brown, Other items of jewellery will not be permitted to be worn in school with the exception of a wrist watch and a single simple ring on a finger on one hand, Hair must be smart and tidy - there should be no extremes in styling or length (not cut to less than a grade 3); hair must be of a natural colour, Head scarves may be worn for religious observance but must be plain black or white, unadorned, secured with a safety pin and should not conceal the top knot of the school tie, Shirts must be tucked in and top button fastened, Skirts must be of a length on or below the knee. Students who enrol at Sacred Heart do so with a full awareness of the uniform requirements. This year, due to the wider circumstances, on days that students have PE, they will need to attend in their PE kit for the day as they will not have access to the normal changing facilities. Other forms of body piercing (face, tongue, navel etc.) Large ornamental, studded or coloured belts should not be worn. Students not in correct footwear will be required to change into school plimsolls. • The school reserves the right to judge a hairstyle as ‘Extreme’. All students must wear low-heeled, black leather shoes (synthetic leather alternatives are also acceptable).