Rey's charisma and talent would take him further than any other cruiserweight in the WWE, winning the World Championship and placing his name among the best in the world. This prompted his change to the Darth Maul-esque mask, different colors, and eventual name change to L.A. Park. The team had a revolving door of members, but the original Assassin, Jody Hamilton remained throughout their marathon run. All Rights Reserved. For his unrelenting dedication and Bray Wyatt-level creepiness, Nagasaki earns his spot. His incredible matches with Brian Pillman in early WCW sparked the cruiserweight division that would become a major highlight for the promotion. After his early retirement he became a martial arts trainer and started the Super Tiger Gym. He would work with other legends like Lou Thesz, Giant Baba, Verne Gagne, and Gorgeous George. One of the few things WCW got right in the 90s was their excellent mid-card. There are several archetypes in the wrestling world: Muscular heroes, gigantic monsters, and of course, the masked men. This mask became hugely popular and set the standard for all Lucha masks to come. Hey Secret Service; STICK IT! Making an immediate mark, he kicked Mil Mascaras in the groin during his first match in Los Angeles, almost inciting a riot. An incredible athlete and a trailblazer, Liger is truly one of the greats. Psychosis would land in WCW and consistently put on fantastic cruiserweight matches with Rey and many others. 'The Masked Man wore a leather mask from Chicago. El Solitario missed the tv boom by a few years so many of his best matches were never seen by those outside of Mexico. His body type certainly didn't get his foot in the door, but his willingness to sacrifice that same body type endeared him to the fans. Unfortunately, the mask slid all over & would not stay in place, even at the tightest strap settings. After a much-anticipated wait, the New York State High School Athletic Association released a "Return to Interscholastic Athletics" document on Friday night, that issues guidance for the upcoming high school sports fall season, as well as the winter and spring seasons. John Cena Or Batista: Who Is The Better Hollywood Star? It was an interesting and genius move to help build a connection with fans of both products. Headgear is required to be worn in high school and college wrestling in the United States. To this day Eadie will don the face paint for meet and greet with the fans. Mexico. He despised the politics and longed for a more realistic sport. ANNA REED / Statesman Journal But with his satanic-looking head tattoo, red eyes, and ultra-serious look, he was even scarier without the mask. A box-office smash and worldwide phenomenon. He quickly became one of the world's best and most innovative wrestlers but decided to retire at the young age of 28. It's great to see a tradition from so long ago still in use today in nearly every promotion. Glenn Jacobs is proof that a mask can do wonders for a career. The constant bashing and beating on a wrestler's ears that comes from not wearing headgear can cause blood vessels in the ears to burst. After a somewhat successful WCW/ECW run, his career really took off when he donned the mask of Mankind. One of the most unique British characters of decades past, Nagasaki took kayfabe seriously. The important dates that are mentioned within the document, is the start date for low-risk sports (Cross Country, Field Hockey, Golf, Gymnastics, Soccer, Girls Swimming & Diving, Girls Tennis) which is September 21st. But one of the first Lucha Libre masks in Mexico was actually worn by an American. The majority are lucha styled with colorful masks and high flying skills. He was The Wrestling Observer's Best Flying Wrestler from 1989-1993, and also the Best Technical Wrestler from 1989-1992. I assume they shook hands (or groins). The season start dates have also been pushed back for the winter and spring sport, winter can begin on November 30th, and spring on March 15th. Bill Eadie made his debut as the Medic in Detroit, but it wasn't until he wrestled in Georgia Championship Wrestling as The Masked Superstar that he found his niche. The character looked like a heel but evoked the sympathy of a babyface. Mascaras stretched beyond wrestling (somewhat) to star in nearly 20 films (about wrestling). He would even battle with Superstar Billy Graham for the World Title. He was always a versatile performer with incredible international success. With a career that lasted over 25 years, El Solitario is one of the greatest Mexican wrestlers of all time. Since an opposing coach is able to ask for this documentation before each match, it is important for athletes to carry it with them regularly. He went on a massive run, winning the GWC heavyweight title four times and was even one of the first to bodyslam Andre The Giant. His Japanese match with Rikidozan in 1963 garnered 70 million viewers.