In my next few posts, I will be exploring some recent research related to the gender binary, including a study that examined whether an individual’s gender non-conforming behavior is seen as more or less threatening when the individual is transgender vs. cisgender and a recent symposium that explored the experiences of transgender and gender nonconforming individuals around the globe. When missionaries landed around the globe and saw that a majority of indigenous cultures had three or more genders, they sought to extinguish these beliefs and practices. Thanks for writing this! Studies demonstrate clearly androgen plays a critical role in dictating a child's play and behaviour that has clear gender differing patterns. It is such a simple and logical concept that for some bizarre reason has been made to look confusing particular in recent time. But not so in the human world. When missionaries landed around the globe and saw that a majority of indigenous cultures had three or more genders, they sought to extinguish these beliefs and practices. Paternal care is not vital among domestic cats I think. It hasn't done a damned thing for anyone except create strife and discord, using the power of law to bolster mental illnesses as legitimate lifestyles. What this means is, even if sex decided our gender, there are far more than two sexes. which could cause other genetic issues. B. In a future article, could you elaborate on which indigenous cultures held more fluid and dynamic understandings of gender, and describe what their concepts of gender looked like? Worse, it truly harms biologically assigned and designated real women. Falling for the old devil disguised as an angel of light. It seems odd that despite centuries of the women's and gay and lesbian rights movements that we're still defining people in terms of societal gender roles and expectations. I have several cats, male and female. For example, men who possess feminine qualities or interests are often evaluated much more harshly than women who possess masculine interests or qualities. Bonobos and some Lemurs species. Others studies show it maybe related to increase maternal fertility hence it gene perpetuates and is always sustained in populations at a specific number. We see historical evidence of third and gender fluid people on every continent who were not only tolerated, but celebrated by their communities. Learn to use the availability of the amazing and brilliant scientific knowledge for the benefit of all and NOT implementing redundant changes that mainly cause societal confusion and chaos. I'd rather have my head stuck under the hood of a car, or helping someone build a brick wall. Doctoral thesis, Durham University. Despite his male sexual organs, he is more woman than man. However, this history will likely need to give dates for a few events about things other than nonbinary gender, such as major events that increased visibility of transgender people in general, gender variant people from early history who may or may not have been what we think of as nonbinary, and laws that concern intersex people that can also have an effect on the legal rights of nonbinary people. Trans Health editors, “Timeline of gender identity research.” 2002-04-23. Young people playing, doing awkward stuff and wearing weird clothes. I have always been under the opinion that gender fluidity is a form of mental illness.....I have no research to back up my feelings, but have met too many people that are hurt and struggle with a great amount of pain and used their gender fluidity as a way of coping. Things in life are not all black and white, there always areas of grey. In the Maori cultures of New Zealand, they are the, . From this point forward, a parent’s idea of who their child will grow up to be is significantly shaped by the sex, represented through the color of the nursery room, the types of clothing purchased, and of course, the list of potential baby names.