If you read about the test – and you are following us on Twitter, right? Former astronaut, RHEA SEDDON, M.D., is a national speaker, award-winning author and veteran of three space shuttle flights. At one point, nearly every boy on the planet named Gibson had the Hoot thing hung on him. Gibson has flown five missions: STS 41-B in 1984, STS 61-C in 1986, STS-27 in 1988, STS-47 in 1992, and STS-71 in 1995. Gibson served as Chief of the Astronaut Office (December 1992 to September 1994) and as Deputy Director, Flight Crew Operations (March-November 1996). It happens to the best of us.”. – you probably heard that the engine being used in this test was the first “flight” engine, both in the sense that it is an engine that has flown before, and is an engine that is already scheduled for flight on SLS. Word is that the airplane was leaking oil. The Astronaut Scholarship Foundation Board of Trustees are national industry leaders who are passionate about the Foundation’s mission to aid the United States in retaining its world leadership in technology and innovation by supporting the very best and brightest scholars in science, technology, engineering and mathematics while … “Hoot’s Law” was just one of many examples of how the crew came to function as a team, with a single rule set in stone: “Anytime there is a malfunction, a minimum of two crew members must assess the situation and agree what is wrong before collaboratively making a decision.”, “The secret to solving problems is teamwork,” said Bolden. Along with two other engines, 2059 powered space shuttle Atlantis into orbit for the successful Hubble servicing mission. “I quickly went to work, diagnosing the problem and determined that the engine failed because of an electrical problem. Robert “Hoot” Gibson produced the “first astronaut couple” and the two of them produced the first official “astrotots.”. When space shuttle commander Hoot Gibson was selected as an astronaut in 1978, NASA was still three years away from the shuttle’s first launch. To read more about Captain Robert “Hoot” Gibson and General Charlie Bolden’s experiences at NASA, check out ’ ‘the Astronaut’s Guide to Building the Perfect Team’ and ‘the Astronaut’s Guide to Smart Decision Making.’ 3. Back in the Space Shuttle Program, astronauts would spend years on the job of which only weeks were spent in space. Flew combat missions over Vietnam. 2. And as we continue to work toward that future, we hope you’ll join us on the journey. https://www.astronautscholarship.org/Astronauts/robert-l-hoot-gibson He has served as Chief of the Astronaut Office and Deputy Director of Flight Crew Operations. National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Behind the Scenes at QM-2: Getting Ready to Test the World’s Largest Solid Rocket Motor. The work we’re doing today on Space Launch System (SLS) in many ways resembles the space shuttle work that Gibson and his classmates got to witness almost 40 years ago. Two months earlier, her sister Discovery had brought the fleet back to active service and the task of the five STS-27 astronauts—Commander Robert “Hoot” Gibson, Pilot Guy Gardner and Mission Specialists Mike Mullane, Jerry Ross and Bill Shepherd—was to deploy a classified payload on behalf of the Department of Defense. On lap number 2, a 498-mph adrenalin-pumper with all three airplanes battling for first position, Gibson felt the pressure. Hoot (the nickname originated with cowboy movie star Edmund "Hoot" Gibson) knew many of these flying machines personally. “A warning flashed for a ‘SEP-inhibit,’ which meant the boosters were not coming off like they were supposed to. If that sounds like it would be frustrating, you have to remember two things: 1) The going-into-space part is really amazing. Years before he first flew the shuttle, he got to be involved in its development and see it being built. I recommend her highly as a keynote speaker and can attest to the ease of working with she and her staff for a memorable and personal experience.