And all of these cars seemed to be in much better than average condition. Depending on the vehicle’s distance from your location, you may have to pay a transport fee. I was out of there in 5 minutes! When I explained that I wanted to return the car, she said “Fine.” I was taken back. If the specific car that you want isn’t located in your area, CarMax will bring it to you. Everyone I encountered at CarMax was pleasant, courteous, professional and just a joy to do business with. Without even a moment of hesitation, he opened the double doors that were designed to allow for a car to be driven in and out of the showroom easily and got the car out to the street for us.\. Now I had some questions. We have purchased two cars from them and I have nothing but positive things to say. We were in and out in less than 2 hrs flat! It is up to you if you sell it to them or not. Team Clark has explored the process of buying and selling vehicles with CarMax compared to other methods. I will not buy a used car from anyone else. You'll be able to search for the vehicle you want. If CarMax makes you an offer, you’ll have seven days to decide whether you want to accept it. Recall alert: PetSmart discontinues Real Pet Food Co. dog food label after salmonella recall, Easy-to-use interface for shopping used car inventory, Potentially higher prices than private purchase because of the middle man and overhead factors, May have to pay extra to have a car shipped to your location, Wide variety of makes, models and model years, When selling, offer may be less than you can get in a private sale, Seven-day return policy; 90-day or 4,000-mile limited warranty on purchases. If you’ve had a bad car buying experience in the past, this may be just the solution for you. Probably not, and there would be even more investigation necessary, like if it had ever been in an accident or a flood. Bottom line, I have never bought a used car so easily, quickly and confident. Founded in 1993, CarMax is a car dealer that has a “no-haggle” policy for buying and selling used vehicles. When I arrived at the business office, they were already apprised that I was coming in. Give yourself enough time to enjoy the experience and the making of some new friends. Your email address will not be published. That weeklong period to decide is a big deal: It lets you shop your car with other dealers like Carvana or even test the private sale waters with a sure-thing offer already in hand. On the whole, if you’re looking to buy or sell a used car, you really can’t go wrong giving CarMax a shot. Thoroughly research the car you want. I suspect Jay is actually a threatened employee at a used car lot. HA HAAAAA.. in no time he got me ride home car was fixed 1000% correctly by next day ZERO CHARGE. I’m a first time buyer and I’m looking to buy a car in cash from CarMax. Copyright © Doesitreallywork. This station is part of Cox Media Group Television. They were not at all willing to answer a lot of questions about the inspections of the cars and they seemed to be uncomfortable about me test-driving the cars that they claimed were inspected and get this, they wanted no less than 5 grand for most of them. I thought this was really useful. Including navigation. Go to before you go to the showroom. Know what your trade-in is worth to you before you go in and what price you really would be willing to accept for it. To get the best deal for yourself ... do your homework online before you go to CarMax. CarMax bills itself as the best way to buy a car because they offer no haggle pricing, and their cars go through a rigorous evaluation before being sold. The buying of a used car is never an easy process (or a new one for that matter). We were looking to buy a value car which are the trade ins that people bring in for a down on the newer used car. For all of that hassle it just seems to make sense to pay a little more and avoid it all. It was far better than looking at pictures on the internet. Overview He also went thorough a presentation on his computer that was thorough and complete about the process that CarMax goes through on every vehicle. That policy is intended to simplify the process for people who don’t want to spend hours at a dealership dickering over prices. They want to overcharge you for a car and low ball you on your trade. I recently used them again and found the prices they will pay you slightly better than KELLY Blue Book and in line with wholesale bluebook. Its full of misleading information. If you don't, you can return it for a full refund. This really widens the net and increases the chances that you’ll find a car that suits your tastes and budget. This sounds awesome if it’s really legit. This search gives you access to CarMax’s entire inventory.