Her late mother, of course, liked Labour, so we can conclude that our Queen is very independently-minded when it comes to politics. THE first PM born during the Queen’s reign, the Labour leader was not very popular with Her Majesty. As Her Majesty has admitted, Winston Churchill was easily her favourite, but she did find great joy in her many meetings with two Labour leaders, too. It was most unusual, and she seems to have really taken a long-lasting shine to Mr and Mrs Major. Royal first as Queen attends virtual unveiling of new portrait, Knighthood from the Queen ‘something very special’, says Captain Sir Tom Moore, ‘Absolutely magnificent day’ as Captain Sir Tom Moore is knighted by Queen, Revenge porn ‘completely destroys lives’ – Love Island star calls for law change, VIDEO: Andy Murray shows off his ball skills as he helps donate 20,000 meal kits to families in need, Companies given four more years to pay off emergency Covid loans, Student paramedics need action now on financial support, MSPs told, Coronavirus death toll increases as more than 460 new cases recorded. Cameron did blot his copybook by repeating something she had said, though, about Scottish independence. Plaid Cymru result includes votes for Green/Plaid Cymru Alliance. “I leaned across and said to the Queen: ‘Ted has fallen asleep.’, “‘I know he has,’ she said, ‘but don’t worry. He was the Member of Parliament (MP) for Huntingdon from 1979 to 2001. It is now over twenty years since John Major left office as British Prime Minister. As we mentioned above, this dynamic duo really had a spark between them, if not quite the spark she had with the next PM . While Wilson loved all the pomp and circumstance of visiting her, she in turn, saw him as a down-to-earth British chap who could tell her all about real life and what her subjects really got up to, and she hung on his every word. oh, dear, not a brilliant friendship! The Queen at 90: Her majesty through the years, Here’s how Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May compare. AH, the man who fell asleep during dinner with the Queen! She has, after all, always had a wee thing about Scots and Scotland. another spell with Mr Wilson, her unlikely, but trusted, confidante. He became a junior minister in 1986 and chief secretary to the Treasury in 1987, and in July 1989 Thatcher appointed him to the important cabinet post of foreign secretary. She came away from them delighted and having learned rather a lot from her beloved Mr Wilson. This election result took many by surprise, as opinion polling leading up to the election day had shown the Labour Party, under leader Neil Kinnock, consistently, if narrowly, ahead. There was no incumbent Speaker in the 1992 election. Not a good idea! All parties with more than 500 votes shown. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. Despite the Suez Crisis and other major issues, he often found solace and sound advice at their meetings and spoke very warmly of the Queen the rest of his life. THE Queen recently welcomed her 13th Prime Minister, and by all accounts, she and Theresa May got off to a good start. . John Major was born in 1943 in Carshalton, Surrey, but raised in Brixton. That fact, knowing she was the soul of discretion, meant he could tell her all the big gossip, and many an insider will tell you that she loved to hear it. He was the Member of Parliament for Huntingdon from 1979 to 2001. These are a few of the many reasons that our first female PM didn’t quite click with our sovereign. Not a lot of men, and no other PM, could make that claim to fame. “Conversation flowed freely,” Callaghan would write wryly, “and could roam anywhere over a wide range of social as well as political and international topics.”. For one thing, it seems he believed he’d saved the monarchy, during the controversy over the reaction to Diana’s death, not a belief that endeared him to the royals. WINNIE thought Elizabeth was a very clever, focused young girl from the first moment he saw her, and they always got on very well. Major’s first years in office coincided with an extended economic recession (1990–93). SIR ALEC was the first person to already be a friend of the Queen when he became Prime Minister, which must have been a huge advantage. And for another, the Blairs made it plain that they didn’t understand why the Queen preferred to visit rainy, windswept Scotland, when she could have basked in the London sunshine. Get a round-up of stories from The Sunday Post every week. He gained a seat in the House of Commons during the Conservative Party landslide of 1979, and his subsequent rise through that party’s ranks was rapid, owing in part to the interested patronage of high party officials from Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher on down. UNLIKE Cherie Blair, our latest Prime Minister knows how to curtsey, and the Queen looked delighted at their first official meeting. “I could not hear what they talked about,” admitted a member of the household staff, “but it was more often than not punctuated with peals of laughter — and Winston generally came out wiping his eyes!”, Asked many years later for her favourite PM, the Queen said: “Winston, of course, because it was always such fun.”.