Unacceptable Behaviour and Actions Policy. Is there a time limit that applies to complaints? You must complain to the LA before taking the complaint further. In many cases a parent council will have replaced a school board. This could include unwanted comments of a sexual nature or inappropriate touching. Any punishment must be fair, reasonable and in line with school policy. Some authorities may offer education in a specialist unit as an alternative to remaining at school. Call 999 if a child is in immediate danger. Each local authority sets its own policy on the precise age at which a child under five can start school. Information is kept by local authority schools on each pupil's educational progress and they must also keep a record of other information, for example the child's health history, dates and results of any objective, diagnostic, psychological or aptitude tests, anything which impacts on the child's educational abilities or attainment, family and emergency contact details and any previous school the child has attended. If the complaint is about a school in England you should address your concerns with the school involved in the first instance, following the school’s complaints handling procedure. Call 999 if a child is in immediate danger. Schools have a legal duty to promote equality of opportunity for disabled people. Someone with a concern about physical punishment should consult an experienced adviser, for example, a Citizens Advice Bureau - where to get advice. But I’ve heard of parents complaining bitterly about being kept waiting by others who had lengthy arguments with their child in front of us (always a good one), or have even broken down in tears (the parent, not the child). It should be published on the school’s website. The Department for Education (DfE) cannot investigate individual complaints about private schools. Complain about a State School. You can find out more about your local parent partnership service and how to contact them at: A teacher can only use reasonable physical force if s/he does so in self-defence or if it is necessary to break up a fight between pupils or to stop a pupil endangering her/himself, other pupils or school property. The next day I was hauled into the head’s office to be read a spittle-flecked diatribe about how a particular parent felt Thatcher “saved this country from the Argentinians”, and they did not send their child to my school to be “indoctrinated by trendy lefty teachers”. It’s so unreasonable! This information outlines some of the problems you or your child may have at school and the general procedures which can be used to resolve a problem. More about problems when choosing a school. We will aim to acknowledge your request for a review within three working days of receiving it. If you remain dissatisfied with the response at this stage, any further correspondence that you send to us will be logged, but unless it raises new issues, we will not respond further on the points made and will consider your complaint closed. If you cannot resolve a problem informally, ask for a copy of the school’s complaints procedure. Local authorities have planning duties to make schools accessible to disabled pupils. All schools are expected to provide sex education and the Scottish Government provides guidance on how this should be provided. Note that if you write every week with a complaint, she/he will pass that on to the wastepaper-basket file, and you probably won’t get a response. If you are concerned about the quality of the food that is provided in your child’s school you should contact the school in the first instance. Some authorities have a policy of removing a pupil who it considers to be disruptive to a special unit within the school or elsewhere in the area.