Brian brings over 20 years of experience to JanRain in developing products, markets, and successful business strategies. The following chart from JanRain depicts which identity providers and social networks are most preferred by users for signing into websites across a sample of 170,000 websites worldwide and across industries. But make sure that whatever you offer is truly valuable, rather than a token effort on your part. In today’s marketplace, it is difficult to convince your customers to register their products. This is perhaps one of the most overlooked steps that people take when running Facebook ads. What's your breakeven point with "X" number? There is additional opportunity to drill down further into analytics to learn more about a site's audience and influence decisions. It allows groups to register on one payment, saving your customers time, improving their experience and ultimately increasing your numbers. Considering that one study found that 90% of online shoppers admit that customer reviews influenced a buying decision, it makes sense for event organizers to harness the power of online reviews in order to increase event registrations. Instead of concealing the registration and login option within a homepage, make it clear to visitors. Today’s savvy consumers can see right through it. In today’s marketplace, it is difficult to convince your customers to register their products. Habbo, a virtual world and global online community, funnels visitors to registration immediately by placing the registration form in a central part of the homepage and showcasing the option to easily sign-in or register with an existing identity at a social network. Past clients include: Pepsi Co. Campbell, American Family Insurance, and Avon Makeup. Unbounce and LeadPages are two excellent options with distilled solutions for exactly what you need to be doing. Learn about various strategies that you can use to increase your school's enrollment. User interface countsHow the registration screen is presented to the site visitor can impact willingness to fill it out and complete the process. By implementing a few common-sense practices – including a reverse logistics solution that makes the process simple and intuitive – you can improve your product registration rates and increase customer engagement and loyalty. The best way to do this is to provide a one-click login experience through an authentication solution that remembers the user's preferred login provider and immediately prompts the user to login. How do you know they’re satisfied with your company, and how can you reach out to those customers again? Editorial HQ: MarketingSherpa LLC, PO Box 50032, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32240. Simplify Registration. Align with your business model. The most personal experience a potential attendee will have is the one where they share their most personal details, in this case it’s their contact info and payment details. How many signups or purchases? We'll instantly send the download to your inbox. Is Your Event Vulnerable To A Cyber Security Attack? hbspt.cta.load(430132, 'f0783c9f-9f17-4df9-b5fb-861a71cb8240', {}); As mentioned earlier, one challenge is getting user data without sacrificing conversion rates by requiring completion of a lengthy registration form. Conversions are achieved by expanding on this copy through the use of your landing page in order to ensure the site visitor takes the desired action you want to see. Event planners using event registration software to handle their ticketing or registration needs should take a page from the ecommerce industry, by optimizing the registration experience for potential attendees. These CTA checklists are specifically designed for your team — something practical to hold up against your CTAs to help the time-pressed marketer quickly consider the customer psychology of your “asks” and how you can improve them. This might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many organisations simply don’t offer enough of an incentive to register on their site.