“The risk is you get a very quick bubble and it will lose 50 percent and that is exactly what happened in places like Russia,” said Collison. Iraq has registered double digit GDP growth rate thanks to oil exports and the rising production of hydrocarbons. Iraqi bonds have made a partial recovery since January, but the market continues to price in an additional degree of risk, according to Alan Cameron, an economist at Exotix Partners. While the country has not been immune to protests sweeping other parts of the Middle East and Africa, demonstrations in Iraq have centred around demands for better basic services and jobs rather than seeking a change in government. Foreign investors were net buyers for the first five months of this year, snapping up 84 billion Iraqi dinars ($72 million) worth of shares, Taha A. Abdulsalam said. Iraq’s stock market is defying the violent swings that have struck the global markets this year. (Editing by Serena Chaudhry and David Cowell). Please leave a comment, and let us know your experiences with, and your knowledge of, the New Iraqi Dinar. Foreign investors were net buyers for the first five months of this year, snapping up 84 billion Iraqi dinars ($72 million) […] Iraq is trying to get back on its feet after decades of war and economic isolation and needs investment in virtually every sector as it tries to rebuild. Although bombings and killings remain a daily occurrence more than eight years after the 2003 U.S.-led invasion, violence has ebbed from the peak of sectarian warfare in 2006-2007. “One of the reasons that the price index has increased since the last session of last year until now is due to the demand from foreigners … They buy four times more than they sell,” Abdulsalam said. Investors said the implementation of some regulations such as custodian bank services and a share trading settlement could further open the market for more foreign capital. Over the past 10 years, Iraq has undergone a dramatic, rapid, and positive transformation from a centralized economy to a market economy based on competition, equal opportunity, and the development of the private sector. Chairman of Rabee Securities, Mr. Shwan Taha participated in Al-Rafidain Forum. The government of Iraq stands ready to assist companies aiming at this vibrant and burgeoning market. ISX CEO sees share volume up 50 pct Foreign investment in Iraq’s stock exchange has jumped this year as anti-government revolts in the region have made the war-torn nation an more appealing investment alternative, the bourse’s chief executive said. The Iraq Stock Exchange (ISX), which started operating in 2004 and has 85 listed firms, is one outpost of private investment outside the oil industry in a country dominated by state companies. The ISX moved from manual to automated trading in 2009 and is open for trading for two hours a day, five days a week. Iraq has the world’s fifth largest proven oil reserves and plans to quadruple oil production by 2017. The volume of shares traded through to Sept. 30 this year rose to $495 million compared with $337 million for the whole of 2010, said Taha Abdulsalam, chief executive of the Iraq Stock Exchange (ISX). He said there was one new listing in the pipeline, a banking company, which he expected to list within the next two months. How to invest in the Iraq Stock Exchange As an investors in the Dinar know, there are three main ways to invest in the future of Iraq: The ISX (Iraq Stock Exchange), paper currency (The New Iraq Dinar, or NID), and a savings account at an Iraqi bank such as Warka. Government expenditures will continue to rise as we expect to allocate an increasing amount of the budget towards infrastructure and social services development. As the country stabilizes, and Iraqis prosper, the Iraqi consumer base will grow. Invest in individual stocks. A share trading settlement would allow non-Iraqi investors up to two days to arrange their payment after making a trade, compared with currently having to pay before conducting a trade. Ask Israel, Nikola and the Race to Find the Next Tesla, Justice Ginsburg’s Death Sparks Supreme Court Vacancy Debate, ‘Schitt’s Creek,’ ‘Watchmen’ and ‘Succession’ Win Emmys 2020, The Risks of Rushing a Coronavirus Vaccine, News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. Iraq’s parliament voted to expel U.S. troops. Each trade takes around 8 seconds to process. Iraqi Dinar Investment - How Can I Invest In Iraqi Dinars, Gold Price Posts New Record Highs Above $1,430, Standard Grade and Price Kopi Luwak indonesian Robusta Coffee, Real Estate Appraisals - Ten things most people just don't understand about them, how to do intraday trading in hdfc securities. * Foreigners eager to invest in Iraq’s stocks, * IPOs, custodian bank to boost investment on ISX, * Iraq Stock Exchange has capital of $4 billion.