I think one of those hand trucks that has straps and ratchets could work if I had another guy helping. that should give you enough people to move the thing. Clear out all obstacles along the way, as it's very hard to stop when momentum had been gained. I don't need to go up or down any stairs. When I got my safes delivered (seperately), there were just two guys. Scrawny as I am, I moved a 300 pounder on my own. Learn why our safes are heavy and how to move a gun safe. Moving heavy weights doesn't require brawn or bulk. I couldn't see anyway I could move it to a level higher than the guy's front porch (although you could rent a truck with a lift gate). WHY ARE SAFES HEAVY? Hire 4-6 strong men, take lots of sturdy rope, steel bars/pipes long enough to allow the men to carry the weight on their shoulders. Align the moving dolly right next to one side of the safe. I bought it from a guy who only owned it for a couple months, got laid off and needed the money. What's the best way to move a 400 lb gun safe?" If you still feel you are qualified to post in those subforums, please contact "Shane Tuttle" (the mod for that portion of TFL) via Private Message for assistance. I had tipped it into the back of my 4x4 and drove it home. standing up in my truck. They just lowered it to the ground and moved the safes with a tall refridgerator-type hand truck (dolly). the second guy just gave directions. He helped me move it. I rented a trailer because it was lower than my 4x4 pickup. I bought a Cannon 700 pound safe from Dean Security in Arleta, CA. Browning one guy (using an electric-hydraulic hand truck) was able to take it up two stairs to get in the front door, then go down seven stairs to the basement. Very cheap way to prevent tragedies!! In most situations, a large safe isn’t attached to the wall or floor in any way, but is just placed on the ground. Maybe you can find a moving truck to rent out that has a power tailgate. I rented a trailer to haul it on. Going in, an appliance dolly was adequate. As has been noted, it is not only hard but also dangerous work. Go to the local employment office and ask them for six strong day labourers. The only problem is if I have stairs. What's the best way to move a 400 lb gun safe?". Also rent a good hand truck. two 800lb gorillas, Be sure check floor you will be placing it on. Once there, I pushed it out and tilted it up onto a piece of cardboard. I've heard of the idea of using a bunch of strong PVC pipes that will withstand the weight to be used like a moving pallet. My job is to unload appliance trucks as well as anything else we recieve in the store. I had help moving my gunsafe INTO its tight spot; I had none, a few years later when I moved it OUT and to its present location. Unless you're going up a flight of stairs, get a couple of friends and a dolly. This email contact address is not an "Ask the Firearms Expert" service. Technique is half the battle. When you are in your preferred place, place the safe by … How to secure a safe for moving? I was able to move it with a cheap hand truck (with the tires almost flat), but again, don't let it get away from you. My gun safe is about 5'0" tall and weighs a little under 400 lbs. HKSIG: "When I got my safes delivered (seperately), there were just two guys. I do have a small ledge of about 6 inches at the front door to get into the house. One was ~450#, the other ~750# (empty). So you bought a new gun safe and it is scheduled to arrive at your door step later in the week. Moving a safe is not only hard work, it is dangerous work. I'm pretty sure rental places will rent these type of dollies out. Good movers uses more brain than brawn. We also load these heavy items onto peoples trucks. I had a bad experience with a frig. The balance point is a very fine line. When my local full service gunshop delivered my 750lb. Copyright Complaints: Please direct DMCA Takedown Notices to the registered agent. Lay the safe on the trolley than take it to the place you want to keep the safe by rolling the trolley. The kind that have the straps to wrap around the load and ratchet tightly and fold out auxiliary wheels on the back that, when the load on the dolly was tilted back, it would rest on the main and aux wheels and all the handler would have to do is wheel it round and not need to do any lifting. Lay it down horizontally; Believe me, you do NOT want it to topple over, and you can't guarantee you won't have to slam the brakes at some point driving it home. The worse are standing air compressors! It is more like arm wrestling. Tilt the safe carefully to one side and slide the appropriate dolly underneath it, then wrap the safe with straps as tightly as possible to minimize any movements. I like the the flat wood dollies for moving something that large and 4 good strong friends< and lay it on its back in truck. It was well worth the $200 I spent having my 800 pound safe delivered for me. Wood, cement, carpet,? An appliance dolly from a Uhaul place will allow you to do this by yourself. All I could think of as I moved mine is how stupid it is to risk being unable to work due to injury just so I could buy this safe. Roll it along than move the tubes at the back to the front. Make sure to bolt it to the floor since more safes are stolen and broken into than broken into at your house.