Working Out. Hogan was reported to have said that during their first workout together, Matsuda teased him about his desire to be a professional wrestler, and then intentionally broke Hogan’s leg. Hulk Hogan is best known for two things: Ripping his yellow shirt in a fiercely manner and his “gigantic pythons,” (massive biceps). If the Hulk Hogan look is what you are going for you will want to focus on strength training. And his favorite triceps exercises were parallel bar dips and press downs. Many experts say many bodybuilders shoot for the same look and that the look is the only real benefit. His favorite biceps exercises were preacher curls, barbell cheat curls and alternate dumbbell curls. He also says he would drink raw egg "Rocky style" in the morning before his workouts, which is … Hulk Hogan is best known for his “24 inch pythons” (massive biceps) and his muscular chest and torso.