Hearing one of their screams would be enough to send me packing…. There is actually a white dog seen around the church. The Churchyard is also haunted by the Red Lady. To be honest I wasn’t much of a believer of Bigfoot or Sasquatch or whatever they are at the time, so when I spotted this big black thing drinking from the lake, I said to my brother “look at that black bear along the shoreline,…. But the woods next to this village is what caught our attention. We got a broadside view of this guy, I made a comment (as a hunter) that guy has to out of his mind dressed all in Black up here (head to toe) not sure if there was bear hunting in this wilderness park or not, but none the less we were paddling by in tee shirts and shorts and it was definitely weird seeing someone dressed in a ski mask black coat and black paints while it’s 70 plus degrees out !!!!???? Didn’t say too much about this event to anyone, except for a few fellow hunters, sort of putting it out there hoping someone would share something back to offer an explanation of what we heard or seen during that trip.”. Since Meekis posted two YouTube videos of the interaction, they’ve both gone viral, racking up more than 303,000 views combined. *Starting to see the pattern yet? He is seen today, hanging from that same tree dressed in a frock coat and striped trousers…. He has been seen been a sad expression and sometimes he has even reached out to visitors to the forest, is it possible he is trapped like so many others in the forest ? it is definitely worth a shot, if you don’t believe in ghosts go stay a night there and then see what you believe. This one is awesome. All of them are active, but not in the kind of way that you would see on most haunted. mayor says, Documentarian seeks to reclaim Black history on the Alberta plains, COVID-19 outbreak reported at Edmonton homeless shelter, Ontario hospital lays off 97 registered nurses amid pandemic citing 'financial challenge', Freeland: 'We need to do more, we need to ramp up' testing, Watch Gov. why I haven’t forgot about that unusual guy dressed all in black that day I’m not sure… it was something that stuck out like a sore thumb I guess. It is well known for being haunted by Pluckley’s Tudor Lady. This forest is inexplicably active. It follows people into the church, sits with them, some have even stroked him. So many reports started flooding in of  ear-splitting screams coming from within the forest, both day and night. This is the area where my family is from and hunts moose. What ghost story would be complete without the Headless Horseman? She died when she fell asleep smoking her old pipe. In the 19th century, a man died after falling into a clay pit at the old brickworks. He is often seen around and within the house, he is best known for being the cause of avid poltergeist activity within. On the edge of the village, there is a large white house called Greystones. She is said to wear a Tudor period style dress with a bonnet. A listener writes “My experience dates back to September 1997 in the Temagami area of Northern Ontario. CTVNews.ca Writer, An Ontario hunter recorded a strange, loud, echoing howl in the woods that has left biologists scratching their heads. His screams are said to be part of the horrific symphony that gives the screaming woods its name. Meekis, who lives near Sioux Lookout in northern Ontario, took the footage on Oct. 3 while he was hunting grouse with his wife and grandson. It dates back to the 1840’s and it was used as a hunting lodge serving the Dering Estate. He’d never “heard anything like this before,” he told CTVNews.ca in a phone interview. There have been over forty, yes forty ! court tosses lawsuit aimed at proving existence of Bigfoot, Unsealed Bigfoot file proves FBI tested mysterious hair sample, System outage at Public Health Ontario may result in delayed COVID-19 test results, Dispatcher error led police to release man who went on to commit 'merciless and savage' sex assault, Ambulance policies must change after woman waited 3 hours for help and died, B.C.