Despite the fact that Ging left his son with his relatives in order to pursue his own dreams, Gon becomes determined to follow in his father's footsteps, pass the rigorous "Hunter Examination", and eventually find his father to become a Hunter in his own right. Shoot and Knuckle stay behind to fight Youpi while Morel rushes forward to face Pouf. Gon is mad at Illumi and proclaims that he will go to Kukuroo Mountain to rescue Killua. With two of the members of Team Genthru down, Gon is left in a standoff with just Genthru himself. Joe, Lonny, and Murray track Travis to Grand Central Station. Leroute challenges Leorio to have a betting game instead. Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Under threat of electrocution from Jonah (here pushed to do awful things by Meyer), Wernher confesses that he worked with the Fourth Reich, and the Colonel, in exchange for space program support. Meruem, instructing a defeated Pouf to find Pitou and release their prisoners while he proceeds to the underground bunker, tells a defiant Welfin to find Gyro and live as a human. While Palm and Ikalgo take Komugi with them to Bizeff's underground bunker, Pouf convinces Meruem to make a game where he and Youpi find Pitou before the king finds the other intruders. As The Hunters wallowed in the valley of the shadow of death, they turned to the stars to point them on their path. Now that Gon, Killua, and Biscuit are together again, they begin working on beating this game by collecting cards. Offers may be subject to change without notice. And more training. Meanwhile, Palm prepares to infiltrate the palace as well. On the sidewalk, he asks Meyer why the good guys always have to do the right thing. A trail of signs did lead The Hunters unto a merchant’s lair, where unearthed remnants of the past echoed evils of the present. Gon continues his training whilst Killua is left to recover his hands while coming up with a plan to defeat the Bombers. Zebro eventually explains that each door of the gate weights two tons, the minimum amount of strength required for opening just one door. In June 1977, a barbeque at the Maryland home of Under Secretary of State Biff Simpson (Dylan Baker) is ruined when a Jewish guest identifies Biff as the Nazi who killed her family during the Holocaust. Later, Kurapika finds that more than half of the candidates have gone missing from the top platform. A trail of signs did lead The Hunters unto a merchant's lair, where unearthed remnants of the past echoed evils of the present. Gon receives a small box from his father. Murray says he’s going to do it, but there’s doubt in his eyes. Gon and Killua attend an auction of Greed Island to scout out potential employers hiring Hunters to clear the game. However, Gon has an idea for defeating Razor, but he needs Killua's help to pull it off. Stoned out of their gourds, the trio get their Travolta on and engage in a colorful fantasy dance number set to the Bee Gees’ “Staying Alive.” The fun comes to a screeching halt when Jonah has a vision of young Ruth, in her striped-and-starred concentration camp uniform, staring at him on the boardwalk. Meyer/Wolf doesn’t deny this. Meanwhile, the dead bodies of the other Phantom Troupe members have been discovered. However his assumptions are proven wrong when Gon manages to land a powerful hit that knocks him out cold, and after awakening, Knuckle agrees that he will help them with their training until the deadline for returning the token comes. Gon and Killua are captives of the spiders. At Coney Island, Jonah, Arthur, and their third mate, Sherman “Cheeks” Johnson (Henry Hunter Hall), smoke an enormous joint and debate the merits of Robin. Lonny considers falling off the wagon but abstains, and finds Tilda’s red journal, which resembles the one owned by Travis. The Fourth Phase ended and 9 applicants will go on through the Final Phase and the chairman interviewed each of them, after that Gon and Kurapika chat and thank each other. Gazing up at Jonah as he expires, Meyer/Wolf muses, “It’s you. He has a source that can prove all of this, and he and Millie subsequently go to a bar to meet that person. Team Genthru had also collected Accompany cards and began "a game of tag they cannot lose". Jonah is saved when Meyer shows up and stabs the man through the neck. Not the one who does what is right, but the one who does what is necessary.” This emphasizes the notion, introduced earlier in the series, that Meyer is Batman, and Jonah is his Robin (his “light”), tasked with keeping him from totally succumbing to the darkness. However, the catch is that there are many hidden doors and each one can be only used once by one person, which means they have to split up.