14 Things You Can Do with a Real Estate License (Besides Being an Agent), Earn Passive Income Selling House Plans Online, How to Make a Killing Selling Water Rights, Romney is Wrong - Donald Trump is a Huge Business Success. This is a drive up / walk up 2011 Kooler bagged and bulk ice vending machine in very good condition. 2012 Commercial Bagged Ice and Water Vending Machines / Kiosks for Sale in Ohio!!! Very good condition, see details for specs. So a 20 pound bag of ice might only cost $0.05 in utilities. Ice vending machines vary from about $20,000 up to $100,000 or more. A small footprint lets you add this profitable machine to most any break area. Some of the machines also dispense water. Vends 20 lbs of Ice. Bag of Ice (BOI), located in Lake City, FL, is a leading-edge manufacturer of ice and purified water vending solutions. While the vendors claim that ice vending machines last for 20 years or more, the reality is there useful life is probably closer to 10 years (Ice House America says their oldest machine in service is currently 10 years old). is to PROVIDE YOU quality ice at the best price possible. We HAVE ice, water, and dry ice. It does not cost very much to make a bag of ice. So the variable cost of a 20 pound bag of ice is only about $0.15. 2017 Kooler Bagged Ice & Water Vending Machine / Kiosk for Sale in Texas! Has the new RO system (Reverse Osmosis) that takes out the impurities. Polarmatic 10000 Ice Vending Machine Ice Kiosk for Sale in Arkansas! Two established businesses for 8 years! Can be left set up in high traffic area. Not bad if you could own and operate several ice vending machines. Not everyone takes a bag, some bring coolers, but for the customers that use bags, each one is going to cost about $0.10. Used 2011 Bag of Ice XL1900 Commercial Bagged Bulk Ice Vending Machine Kiosk! We get that, and we want you to have both. Popping up everywhere and they only make sense versus hauling truckloads of ice around; save the expense and just go pickup the cash. I highly recommend Tonya and UsedVending.Com for both selling and buying. 2013 Commercial Drive Up Just-Ice Bagged Ice and Water Kiosk Vending Machine for Sale in Texas! Bagged ice machines are one of the best vending opportunities out there with their low product costs and high visiblity in … Utilities vary by area, but water and electricity typically costs about $0.25 per 100 pounds of ice. IM600; IM1000; IM1500; IM2500 Series II; The HYDRATION PRO; Ice Talk ™ Party Trailer; Locations; Contact; Call Us Now On 1800 566 537. It is in very good condition. For sale in Texas- this is a great looking Just-Ice bagged ice and water building vending machine by Max Manufacturing. Obviously you want to do more than break even, you would like to turn a nice profit. Has a Scotsman Prodigy 1848 ice maker which makes 1909 lbs of ice a day, a 600lb ice bin, and a 5 stage ultra water filtration system. We don't just want to sell you an Everest machine - we want you to start your Ice Vending business with the right machine. Can accept cash and credit cards! It has an Mei bill changer and is easily adapted to credit and online monitoring. If you are going to find a site that attracts 30 or more customers a day, it is likely going to cost some money to rent. How Much Money do Ice Vending Machines Make? 2011 Kooler Ice KI810 Bagged and Bulk Ice Vending Machine Kiosk for Sale in Louisiana! This is a Bag of Ice model XL1900 ice vendor. Let’s assume your monthly rent was $300 per month. A machine that sold 50 bags per day would yield a profit of about $1700 per month. Why Kooler Ice? Our Machines. See details for specs. Copyright © UsedVending.com All rights reserved. Ice vending machines vary from about $20,000 up to $100,000 or more. Some of the names you may have seen include Twice the Ice, Kooler Ice, Ice House America, Ice Born, and Watermill. This works out to about 12 or 13 bags per day. Bag of Ice. It has a 6000lb per day ice maker, capable of selling up to 300 20lb bags per day. This is a much easier and more affordable way to get lots of ice for a party, a trip to the lake, a hunting or fishing trip, or some other special occasion. !. For sale in West Virginia- this is a 2013. Using the example of $300 per month in capital costs (machine and site work) and $300 a month in rent, then adding in an additional $100 per month per machine in other permits, maintenance, repairs and other costs, the break even point comes up to about 14 to 15 bags per day.