While money isn't everything, residents in ZIP code 49642 earn less than in other parts of town. the year built, and owner versus renter occupancy. like to link to this hometown, please copy the following text and paste it onto Idlewild, Michigan's Demographic, Population and Census Data The Idlewild African American Chamber of Commerce,[7] founded in 2000 by John O. Meeks, continues to promote existing local businesses and seeking new ones. 505 mailboxes Total Delivery Mailboxes. Check flight prices and hotel availability for your visit. The population increases to approximately three thousand between June 1 and August 31 due to the presence of summer residents and vacation- ers. Jobs & Employment Site Map It is also striving to attract more visitors to the area, with events and other strategies, in hopes of resuscitating the once lively town.[8]. On the Movoto Search I don’t expect it to be what it once was, but I do believe it deserves a future." graphs showing information such as the population by age, birthplace, and employment industries. How many people live in Idlewild, Michigan? Idlewild, Michigan was once known as “The Black Eden”—a resort where black writers, business people, physicians and entertainers spent … Major Event Ticketing, Public records indicate that more than one half ... ning to assist the State of Michigan and the Idlewild community. ZIP code 49642 has an extremely large percentage of vacancies. 842 people Idlewild Population More census numbers for Idlewild, MI. Many commuters should consider themselves lucky that they don't have a longer commute. Later, tours were conducted by train from Chicago, Indiana, Detroit, Grand Rapids, St. Louis, and other cities. and Modolin Wright (of Chicago), organized IRC during the pre-World War I era. One prominent personality to relocate to Idlewild was Dr. Daniel Hale Williams, who in 1893 was the first surgeon in the United States to perform open-heart surgery. Idlewild became a place where one could be within miles of prominent cities such as Chicago, while remaining concealed within the surrounding woods of the newfound African American community. On some nights, "there were more white people in there than blacks. There are also an extremely small number of families and a large number of single adults. Prices for rental property include ZIP code 49642 apartments, townhouses, and homes that are primary residences. By the mid 1920s, over 6,000 people had purchased some 17,000 lots in the area. It is also compared to nearby ZIP codes. Demographics, Legal. 8 mailboxes Business Delivery Mailboxes. Hometown CardsTM The company sold a good deal of that land, and then turned the island in Idlewild Lake over to Williams and Louis B. Anderson of Chicago, and Robert Riffe and William Green of Cleveland, who collaboratively formed the Idlewild Improvement Association (IIA) and helped build the clubhouse. Idlewild (zip 49642)'s population is 707 people. [9] Current residents embrace this version of the story by selling playful T-shirts with this phrase at the annual Idlewilders summer festivals. Popularity rankings are based on positive reviews, search queries, and other user data. During the first half of the 20th century, it was one of the few resorts in the country where African-Americans were allowed to vacation and purchase property, before discrimination was outlawed in 1964 through the Civil Rights Act of 1964.