BREAKING: UKSC upholds decision in Unwired Planet, confirms English courts have jurisdiction to set global FRAND rates (and much more), Richard Meade QC appointed to the High Court, The legal nature of Article 17 of the Copyright DSM Directive, the (lack of) freedom of Member States, and why the German implementation proposal is not compatible with EU law. Atom Likewise, in addition to the portrait and signatures of persons, their images and their identifiable voices cannot be registered as a trademark without their express consent or, if they have deceased, by whoever has the right in question. This week, candidates for the UK patent examination are trialling the online examination system "PEBX". - Listed as "Top Legal Blog" in The Times Online, March 2011. Is the animated representation of a ventilated lung patentable subject matter? ), Copyright is for losers … and so are trade marks: Banksy’s EUTM declared invalid due to bad faith, The Global Innovation Index (GII) 2020 has been released. Can academic peer-review learn something from patent prosecution? The Greek Trademark Office (TMO) will no longer be competent to reject a Greek trademark application on relative grounds; only absolute grounds will be considered. registration in force, or a published trade name, in connection with similar products or services; … [t]he signs that reproduce or imitate names or elements that refer to a plant variety protection, as well as animals breeds, that may cause confusion in the consumer in connection with the products or services to be protected, and …[t]he signs filed in bad faith” which inter alia are those signs “… filed in a way that is contrary to best practices in commerce … or in which an unfair advantage is sought in prejudice of the legitimate owner”, respectively. which distinguishes products or services from others of the same type or category on the market”. All comments must be moderated by a member of the IPKat team before they appear on the blog. The IPKat blog reports on copyright, patent, trade mark, info-tech and privacy/confidentiality issues from a mainly UK and European perspective. [21 – 27 September 2020], Afro-IP - african intellectual property law, practice and policies, In the world of COVID-19, has the value of the Intellectual Property become an afterthought? - One of the only two non-US blogs listed in the Blawg. Section XIII (formerly section XII) of article 90 prohibits the registration of “names, surnames, nicknames or pseudonyms of persons who have acquired such prestige, recognition or fame that may create a risk of association, mislead or deceive to consumers, unless the application has been filed or expressly consented by said person or whoever has the right in question”.