The overall engineering, assembly, and paint work on these figures is great, and I don’t have any QC issues to nitpick, but that can and will vary figure to figure. "Tax rebel Irwin Schiff sentenced to 11 more months in prison," Sept. 5, 2008, Register # 39011-048, Federal Bureau of Prisons, U.S. Dep't of Justice, at. Abilities have not been loaded! In honor of April fifteenth (the usual filing deadline for U.S. federal income tax returns), I give you an incredibly indulgent installment. Irwin R. Schyster may get more than he bargained for when a client turns up out of the blue (written for April fifteenth). [40] On September 5, 2008, the trial judge re-sentenced Schiff to 11 months in prison in connection with the contempt of court, effectively lowering Schiff's overall original sentence by another month. [x-posted to Tumblr] Enjoy! [47] According to the prosecutor's office, the evidence at trial showed that Schiff had attempted to evade the payment of over $2 million in taxes from 1979 through 1985 and that he had used offshore bank accounts using multiple tax identification numbers and had attempted to hide assets in connection with his tax protester related activity. Blackjack Mulligan has been hospitalized after a reported heart attack. Neun's conviction was affirmed by the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. is a great figure for a “first time in the line” character, and having him makes me want that new Hall of Fame DiBiase figure to come out, like now, because that Entrance Greats figure is not gonna cut it anymore. The Federal Bureau of Prisons reported That the Internal Revenue Service, in enforcing the income tax, seeks to impose a tax not authorized by the taxing clauses of the United States Constitution; That no statutory deficiency in Federal income tax can exist until an assessment has been made; The filing of income tax is voluntary, and "voluntary compliance" is a misleading phrase used by the IRS to mislead the public; That no tax assessment can be made unless a tax return has been voluntarily filed; That the United States Tax Court is not a legal court, but is instead a part of the IRS. #he's perfect and I love him so much like??????? #Say what you want about the man he was really good at being a dick, #As soon as he looked over at Macho Man he just started losing it, #The guys legit laughter is so fundamentally different from his mean villainous laughter my heart , #Bless Mike for constantly pointing at stuff and making this post possible, #Just this time he gets to be the lovable nerd. Irwin makes use of the standard “pants” legs to represent his dress attire, and as is the case with just about everything else about the figure, they are well cast for the character. the incredibly courageous @hardcorewwetrash (who [29], Schiff, Neun, and Cohen were barred under the injunction from selling or advertising material advocating nonpayment of tax, from preparing a tax return for others, and from otherwise providing assistance or encouragement to others in violating tax law.