Tost told in the previously mentioned interview, "If you look at the 1930s — a time when there was increasing distrust in institutions, there was fear of finding meaningful work, there is this onslaught of new technology taking away jobs — the relevance [of the show to 2017 audiences] is almost inescapable.". Show creator Tony Tost said in an interview with USA that he had "started digging around and got really interested in what was going on in the middle of the country during the Great Depression, and it seemed to suggest a good space, and so that was a starting point [for the story.]" Hey Im done with a really great good series and need jz ne new. But that’s not good enough. The show describes itself as the untold story of the American labor movement, so this makes sense. Netflix has got a brand new crime drama all ready for you, beginning on Dec. 7. In an interview with, Tost admitted that Damnation's influences don't stop at Steinbeck or the violent filmography of Quentin Tarantino. An epic saga about the secret history of the 1930s American heartland, centering on the mythic conflict and bloody struggle between big money and the downtrodden. USA Network is debuting a brand new series, but instead of focusing on the unnerving creepiness of a city like in Mr. Vulture writes that, "Damnation enjoyably mines the weird footnotes of American history for all they are worth." Of course, some of these reviews also say that the story is somewhat lost amongst the denseness of the plot, side-characters, and generally rich tapestry. Grapes of Wrath details what living in poverty was like in the '30s in middle America, and the Great Depression's effect on businesses, churches, and regular citizens. Damnation is based on Braize, the third planet in the Rosharan system where Odium, the Shard of hatred, resides. does anyone have any suggestions? Damnation takes place in the dusty and depression-ravaged streets of Iowa in the 1930s. Also when he went to the drug store was there a camera showing that he was there and left? Meanwhile, a professional strikebreaker named Creeley Turner (really) has been hired by an industrialist tycoon to quash any insurrection as soon as possible and by any means necessary. It may not be ripped directly from the history books, but the bloody struggle between big money and the downtrodden is as classic a story as ever there was. Personally, I'll take a little denseness of history at the expense of character development. This may lead people to wonder, is Damnation based on a true story? The official site for the show describes it thus: "An epic saga about the secret history of the 1930's American heartland, Damnation centers on the mythic conflict and bloody struggle between big money and the downtrodden, God and greed, charlatans, and prophets." Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It is interesting how a single filmmaker can define the tone of an entire nation’s cinematic style. Watch Award This! The novel was written by John Steinbeck, who penned similarly popular depression-era tales like Of Mice and Men, The Pearl, and other books you were probably expected to read if you attended high school in the United States. "…its reality-show take on the investigation offers a different spin on storytelling...", Your email address will not be published. Created by Tony Tost. Early reviews of the show are generally positive, praising the way it pays homage to the Westerns that came before it, as well as its two charismatic leads, the anti-heroes Seth and Creeley (still giggling over that name to be honest). The violent, twisted story of Damnation makes it a perfect fit for 21st century television, even if the time period it attempts to capture happened more than 80 years ago. Damnation seems to be drawing from some pieces of American fiction about the sociopolitical realities of this particular era. While many of the show's influences are set 80 years ago, the most surprising source for Damnation may be 2017., Look up the diggs family. Robot or on the slick boardrooms of Suits, the new show will take on a historical subject. In an interview with the New York Post, the show's creator Tony Tost describes the story in a little bit more detail. While the story uses American history as its setting, the characters and circumstances found within Damnation appear to be all entirely fictionalized. The gimmick of Wisper is that all the footage shot for the film comes from the cameraperson following Wisper in a reality-show style or from surveillance cameras from other locations. The series was ordered on May … However, the small-town rivalry between a suspicious preacher and a business-minded capitalist that arises in There Will Be Blood seems to mirror the central conflict present in Damnation. He also said that the show is not only inspired by real American history, but that it could be described as "Quentin Tarantino's Grapes Of Wrath.". The show centers around an explosive conflict in small-town Iowa, but are the events of Damnation true?