A double CD containing only Jarre's original music was issued in 2010 on Tadlow Music/Silva Screen Records. Fallout 3 the video game is also a good representation as well. [1], Spence's "best known film role is as the gyro pilot" in Mad Max 2 (1981). They killed his wife. I know the novel isn't necessarily canon but when Max gets ambushed at the start he can hear Jedediah's yodelling laugh echoing over the desert as he drives away with the camels. Complex: 18 were you a fan of john candy? Fuel Cells Gasoline Tank or Chemical Fuel Cell = 8 hours. [9], Miller ended up co-directing the film with George Ogilvie, with whom he had worked on the 1983 miniseries The Dismissal. What is a movie you enjoy watching even though you've seen it 7,000 times, u turn to it when it comes on TV. [2], In the 21st century, Spence played the Mouth of Sauron in The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003),[3] the Trainman in The Matrix Revolutions (2003),[4] and Baxter in Disney's Inspector Gadget 2 (2003),[5] and voiced the character Chum in Finding Nemo (2003). The Gyrocopter was the chief of the northern tribe, ... Spence even plays it identical to the character traits of the Gyro Captain. It's pretty odd that they would have him playing 2 different characters that are pilots (a Gyrocopter in 2 and a Plane in BT) and not make it a recurring role. Yes they were both different characters he played. Of course, my opinion could be totally wrong, so for your entertainment, here's one of the more reasonable arguments I've had from the opposing side, courtesy of The Word Warrior: "I believe that Bruce Spence's characters, the Gyro captain and Jebediah, are one in the same. Spence is most known for his roles as the Gyro Captain in Mad Max 2 and as Jedediah the pilot in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, and as From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bruce Spence is a distinctive and well known Australian character actor, and it makes sense that they'd want to use him again for that particular part in Thunderdome. Jedediah was a marauding pilot in the Outback who traded stolen goods at Bartertown. I would understand why, he seems to fit in very well as a post apocalyptic pilot! I agree, in the movie they appear to be the same person. Accusing Master of the theft of his vehicle, Max provokes him into demanding justice for the insult by entering Blaster into a Thunderdome duel with Max. lol not off topic at all "MAXIMUM STOMPER" is a beast! In the Mad Max Trilogy, technology has been not "demonized" at all. Hope it helps: "Is Bruce Spence the same character in Mad Max 2 and Thunderdome? The group sneak in via an underground entrance, and, with Pig Killer's help, free Master and escape in a train-truck, destroying Bartertown's methane refinery in the process. Spence is most known for his roles as the Gyro Captain in Mad Max 2 and as Jedediah the pilot in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, and as "Zedd" (Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander) in Legend of the Seeker.