@wralweather #ncwx #wral https://t.co/uMCIWoFoxf. Due to its distance from the observer, it is not dangerous at all. As Im sure youre aware, lightning bolts can display a wide variety of colours ranging from lilac, white and blue, to even more exotic colours like yellow, orange and even green. Sheet lightning, or more accurately intracloud lightning is the same as lightning that hits the ground, the only difference is that it is within the cloud. It's That Time of Year: So what type of weather promotes the most vivid colors? Yep. earthing is not recommended in environments with a lot of unshielded, ungrounded electricity, Never use a cliff or rocky overhang for shelter. By grounding yourself, you may become a target of electrical fields that are looking for the path of least resistance back to the ground (through you), and run the risk of a shock. Many people believe heat lightning is produced by hot and humid conditions, lighting up the night sky without any rain or thunder in the immediate area. Temperatures even dipped into the 30s in Roxboro! Lightning is not only spectacular, it’s dangerous. No, it’s relatively safe. I got engrossed in the Olympics tonight and got Auggie, The Cutest Dog on the Planet, out for his evening walk later than usual- a little after 10. Lightning is an electrical discharge caused by imbalances between storm clouds and the ground, or within the clouds themselves. Living in a thunderstorm (TS) area, I sometimes see big banks of TS clouds lining the horizon. More rain will arrive overnight and linger through Friday night. Tropical Storm Beta is bringing heavy rain to the Gulf coast this morning. It is feeling like Fall and it will soon look like Fall. Temperatures fall into the mid 40s here tonight. popular DIY guides to wiring actually advise the opposite. The old wives' tale that a hot, humid summer night can generate lightning without a thunderstorm, called "heat lighting," is exactly that--a meteorological myth. Sheet lightning is when we see a luminous white sheet during a thunderstorm. No new development is expected in the next 5 days! We will kick off fall with more sunshine tomorrow. © 2010-2020 All Rights Reserved | Liability Disclaimer Lightning can travel through any metal wires or bars in concrete walls or flooring. They are both dangerous. We'll track the remnants at 5PM on WRAL to see if it rains... Well it appears we could be looking at remnant rainfall from Beta this weekend. Temperatures even dipped into the 30s in Roxboro! I hope you're having a good evening. Mike and Kat will show you the change in our pattern on TV this afternoon. Don't forget to join us on FOX50 tonight at 10! So what is the verdict-- Rain Returns to North Carolina: We are waking up to a cloudy sky and dry conditions, but a few showers are possible today. Possible remains of missing Hope Mills woman found, two suspects arrested, Shootings have risen by nearly 40% this year in Durham, President Trump returns to Charlotte to discuss changes to health care, UNC Charlotte to require flu shots for students, staff, More than 39,000 download NC coronavirus exposure tracking app, Wake superintendent wants to see elementary students in the classroom daily by mid-November, Beta's remnants bringing rain to North Carolina Thursday and Friday, Warming Atlantic gives hurricanes more energy, He built a family with kindness: Kevin Todd's lasting legacy at Apex, Holliday: COVID the most challenging foe on ACC football schedules, Facebook oversight board to start operating in October, Gen Z marketing, deal with Travis Scott giving McDonald's big boost, Thousands of Stubhub customers demanding concert ticket refunds, DRAUGHON DRAWS: What Forest is running from, JACK BETTS: Western fires ignite memories of loss, rebuilding and what matters most, Editorial: The election must determine next Supreme Court nominee, 5 On Your Side: How to save money when upgrading your cellphone, Companies shift marketing towards Generation Z, Coronavirus cancels pumpkin spice at this restaurant chain, Tired of masks and social distancing?