\[ ^6_3Li + ^1_0n \rightarrow ^4_2He + ^3_1H\]. \[ 2 H_2O_{(l)} \rightarrow 2H_{2(g)} + O_{2(g)} \]. Instrumental mass fractionation was inherent in the ionization process during sputtering and depended on the (complex) tuning conditions of the ion probe. Alternatively, the mixing ratio between the hydrogen components in the target phase should be independently determined on the basis of other geochemical tracers such as carbon and oxygen isotopes. Werner (1998) proposed the use of a WARP (wide aperture retarding potential) filter in front of the detectors, allowing passage of ions of only a specific narrow range of energy. Atoms in a chemical element that have different numbers of neutrons than protons and electrons are called isotopes. Blocks of six cycles (increasing mass) each were used for a measurement. Because of the variability in the isotopic fingerprint of native stray gases and shale gases, one should attempt to analyze gases relevant to the area of interest as opposed to using isotopic data for source gases collected from areas far from or not relevant to the area of interest (Saba and Boehm, 2012). Note that thermogenic gases, unlike biogenic gases, are devoid of 14C (carbon 14). 6, with a d-parameter of 10 for summer precipitation and a d-parameter of 30 for the snow in winter (Waseda and Nakai, 1983; Satake et al., 1983). The original calculations to model the hydrogen bomb were performed using ENIAC (short for Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer) that was originally designed to generate tables of trajectories of shells red from large artillery. (1975) described a method for complete release of inclusion water for hydrogen isotope measurement by fusion of silicate minerals with sodium carbonate. Deuterium is better at scattering neutrons than hydrogen. Carbon and hydrogen (deuterium) isotopic compositional ranges for native gases and Marcellus Shale gases. Charging effects were minimized by coating the Nuclepore filter holding the particle(s) with a thin layer (several hundred Å) of C or a 60% Au–40% Pd alloy before measurement. hydrogen), correction had to rely on external standards. As emphasized below and in Chapter 3, Isoscapes for Terrestrial Migration Research, hydrogen isotopes are particularly powerful for tracking migratory wildlife. As a consequence the magnetic moment for hydrogen and deuterium are very different and hence the conditions for detection by NMR are very different. Exact reproduction of conditions from day to day was very difficult. Particles also were pressed in a gold foil for avoidance of charging. Moreover, that study clearly indicated how modeled feather δ18O isoscapes could be derived using satellite data. FL51/ DAM Version 1 of Micromass, 2001). Assertion : The molecules of a monatomic gas has three degrees freedom. How do we distinguish between them? To maximize the potential scientific merits, accurate knowledge about the D/H evolution of individual Martian water reservoirs is crucial.