Like Monica Seles is on the women’s side. I really got to know the people. LaRosa: I can't guarantee it won't happen in future episodes. I understand that people like them but I don’t get it.". Seriously though, it was a pretty genius contest. Consider her feed, and companion blog, your irreverent guide to tenacious fandom. That's unfortunate. We all individually purchased our tickets and we went back and got the Fast Pass [laughs]. Her AO run was pretty thrilling. We have never been kished but with this beautiful portrait of John McEnroe, we are happy that it's our first ;)…. "I pitched it and wrote the pilot while I was writing tennis stuff," he said. Or that my head "bitch" character, Jelena, walks around putting on lip gloss or glitter constantly. Basketball led the way with 20 pros, journos, and other personalities represented. LaRosa: My writers' room opened the day the 2012 U.S. Open started and then we started production right when the 2013 Australian Open started, and now the French Open started and my show premieres. JL: Donuts! He has his own irreverent weekly column, LaRosa’s Sweet Spot, for |  Anyway, I got to keep a piece of her. What a mess! KFJ: Please tell us about your Tennis Channel Blogger “Cinderella” story. You couldn't "Hollywood" Jelena Jankovic if you tried. Seven Silly Questions for Tennis Channel Blogger James LaRosa, Read James LaRosa’s weekly tennis blog every Wednesday on, Federer On No. (bag image by TSF; screengrab from Twitter; match images via Getty Images), Tags:farmers classic Posted in bags, Erwin Ong, fashion, fila, james larosa, janko tipsarevic, los angeles open, sports, tennis, the tennis channel | 1 Comment ». JL: I’m a better writer than a player. James can dance like no other. Jelena. Posted in australian open, Erwin Ong, fashion, james larosa, sports, tennis, the tennis channel | 1 Comment ». Filed Under: Approach Shots, Features, Front Page News, Greatest Hits Countdown, interviews, tennis news. LaRosa: Listen. He is a good scapegoat though. Which brings me to my next question: Who are your dream tennis guest stars? Over at Sweet Spot, James LaRosa got some taxicab confessions out of our munchkin Serb (something about sheep looking at doors?). James LaRosa‘s Sweet Spot, born on September 10, 2008. Do you still get a chance to follow tennis? Graduated from Syracuse University in 1997. The French government has now limited public gatherings to 1,000 people in Paris. Please fill out a contact form. Her year was cut too short. Laura Robson (@laurarobson5): The British teen momentarily put a scare into Maria Sharapova in Wimbledon's first week, but it's all laughs on her Twitter handle. He also co-wrote young adult novel The Academy: Game On with grand slam champion Monica Seles.LaRosa graduated from Syracuse University's S.I. Do you have any “tennis” resolutions? But I can’t stop eating them. Mmm yummy! But I had no idea how to jump in. "So thank you, tennis, for putting me directly in front of it with my notepad," LaRosa said, laughing. James LaRosa is a television writer based in Los Angeles. He typically spouts off not-so-sweet nothings that basically amount to boasts about his top-ranked countryman's exploits on the court. James LaRosa (@JamesLaRosa): One of Tennis Channel's bright lights may be the observer of all things wonky and all players lovable in the sport. There are more articles and interviews coming up in the magazines, check local newsstands. It's so fun to talk about tennis and not worry about being fired. See how long it takes before they start clawing at their own faces. And Mary Murphy from “So You Think You Can Dance” would have to be a judge. Though being 6’3″ has certainly never helped in front of a laptop. Want to get an early take on the next John Isner, as opposed to the next Donald Young? So there are a lot of Serbian references. Or do I have some weird moment with Sloane and the character Sloane, like, "Hey! Tennis needs as much attention as it can get. I think you've just cast him on my show. KFJ: Do you play tennis yourself? I should just totally say it's Pete Sampras, you guys. Djokovic was in the midst of a remarkable 37-0 run and was on top of the tennis world. Laura Robson would be just a delight on Hit the Floor. because that’s how Dunkin’ spells it, and I run on Dunkin’. Wherever she is, she should know! Ernests clearly has the acting chops, as we've seen in his childhood acting video. I’d give a plain glazed (should the chocolate frosted be unable to perform its duties…) to Maria Sharapova. The first post: a look at recent butterfly-effect matches on the tour. Good-natured snark is a weapon solely for the power of good, and LaRosa wields it well. Newhouse School of Public Communications and currently resides in Los Angeles. Not sure if the clouds actually opened up, but I remember some parting. LaRosa: I love Serbia in large part because of tennis. All Rights Reserved, 2020 Roland Garros Expert Picks: Our champions, dark horses and busts, Full circle: Paul-Henri Mathieu returns to serve as Strasbourg ballboy, Roland Garros seeking government exemption in hopes of welcoming fans.