Not used yet, I’ve promised myself I’ll start doing videos. Sidney went through film school and has been creating videos for himself and for clients for a long time. 26:40 Is Earth better off without humans? There are no gatekeepers any more, nobody at an art gallery gets to decide if your work is good enough to be shared, the internet decides that now, so you don’t have to conform and try to replicate what people have liked in the past, you can do you own thing in the knowledge that real people will get to judge it. Please do check out their YouTube channels. You wouldn’t store your children with a bad baby sitter, don’t store your photos on bad cards. Overall, I'd rather keep the top plate LCD as I can quickly check settings when taking the camera out of the bag and keep the EVF clutter to a minimum. Chris also has over 700,000+ people following his creative work online on his YouTube channel and Instagram. Pass it on if you enjoyed! Some of these ambassadors got personally involved in a … As usual we will also pick up some of your questions and answer! - How Eric put a standard so high at school with video assignments that other kids were ashamed to present You can already guess the outcome. Chris on Instagram: Re: E-M1.2 AF I blew some good shots w/AF . ski hound, after pouring almost 100 hr into a near-new EM1ii during the past few weeks, i would definitely say,  'save your $!'. YouTube: How To Overcome Creativity Blocks & Be INSPIRED with Aaron Nace. with Ryad Guelmaoui. Now go crush it out there and remember to be nice with our planet - we only got one! Tune in to listen to the story and hear his best advice! I really can’t see why you would need more resolving power, as I hope some of the test shots show. Michael on Instagram: Full wedding day BTS: This episode is pure fire Lizzie shares with us her advice to work like a REAL PRO: pricing, deliverables, communication - it's all there! Some of you may be wondering why I am writing a review of a camera, that I have so far not purchased, held or even seen in person? How To Use Your Camera For IMPACT with Danielle Da Silva. After FW2.0, I bought VLOG upgrade for about $75. - How to work for brands / reach out to them Now go crush it out there and remember to be nice with our planet - we only got one! She has a deep curiosity in the world, has amassed a large Instagram following and worked with some of the biggest brands on the planet while staying authentic and down to earth. SHARE That episode if you like it & leave a 5* to the podcast on Apple Podcast - thank you!As usual, ask any question you have about photography, videography, cinema, social media or anything related to a modern creator's life. YouTube: – Entourage. I hope you learned something out of that episode! Of. Adopt a coral to support the project of Coral Gardeners: Find out how it stacks up in our initial review. with Carmen Huter. Hope you learned something out of that episode!